In the early 2000s, MTV documented the lives of Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly Osbourne. The Osbournes are often considered pioneers of reality television. But most audiences might make the mistake of thinking that Kelly is the oldest among her siblings. 

Kelly is not the oldest, as she has an older sister named Aimee Osbourne. Aimee is the oldest child of Ozzy and Sharon. She prefers to stay away from the limelight, although she ended up pursuing her own Hollywood career as the singer for her band, ARO. 

Aimee Osbourne’s Siblings

Many people know about Aimee’s siblings, Kelly and Jack, but she also has step-siblings, some of whom did not appear in the reality series. Before her father wed her mother, the rock star was married to Thelma Riley, whom he met at a nightclub. 

They ended up marrying in 1971 and having a daughter named Jessica Osbourne. Audiences learned about Jessica during an episode of The Osbournes. After Jessica, Ozzy and Thelma welcomed their son, Louis. 

The father and son did not have a good relationship, but they buried the hatchet during a Christmas episode in the reality series. Ozzy also adopted Elliot Kingsley, Thelma’s son, from her previous relationship. 

Elliot did not appear on the show, and not much is known about him. 

Aimee Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne’s Relationship

It is unknown what Aimee’s relationship is like with her other siblings, but with Kelly, it appears the two sisters are not on good terms

In May 2021, Kelly opened about her relationship with Aimee during an appearance on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. The reality star revealed that she and her older sister, Aimee, weren’t on speaking terms.

We don’t talk. We’re just really different. [Aimee] doesn’t understand me, and I don’t understand her. 

Aimee had also said something similar in the past when talking about her relationship with her siblings.

In 2015, she told The Independent that they did not socialize. “I wouldn’t say there is an ease between us, but there is an acceptance. Do we socialize? No.” she said. 

Aimee Osbourne Not Appearing on the Reality Series

It is no secret that Aimee is different from her sibling, as she and her family have often talked about it. 

When their family reality show was airing, the four Osbournes enjoyed their time in the spotlight, but Aimee moved out of the house to avoid being filmed. During her interview with CNN, Aimee shared that she valued her privacy. 

Unlike her siblings, who grew up in front of the cameras, she had no desire to appear on the MTV reality show. She iterated that the show did wonders for the rest of her family, but for her, it was never right and something she could not consider being a part of. 

In 2018, during an episode on The Talk, her mother also talked about how her daughter found the idea of a reality show appalling. She shared that Aimee left home at 16, as she did not want to grow up on camera.