What body part would you want yourself to be known for? Eyes? Abs? Luscious hair?

For Adrien Brody, it is his nose. And what's more, he did not actually intend for any of his nose-generated fame to happen.

Here's a story of how a nose can contribute to an Oscar-winning acting career in Hollywood.

What’s up with Adrien Brody’s Nose?

Brody's face has been well-described countless times.

As GQ once put it, his "deep-set" green eyes and his eyebrows, which are "tilted up in permanent expectation" are some of the peculiar features of his face.

However, his nose takes the cake. His "ski-slope" nose is the one part of his face everyone's attention first goes to.

Adrien Brody has a nose that almost eclipses his own fame.

Adrien Brody has a nose whose fame almost eclipses his own. (Photo: Adrien Brody/Instagram)

He had an extra-long nose from his birth. List Verse once gave his nose the title of the "Mount Everest of Hollywood Schnozzles" in their list of articles about "extreme noses" — a list that also contained many animal noses.

However, there have also been more than a few accidents to add to his nose's character. The first of those came in 1999.

Spike Lee's Summer of Sam is known for a few not-so-good things. One of those is his handling of the stunts in the movie, especially the ones involving Brody.

Other than getting his head wounded during a 'breaking a glass over his head' scene, Brody also got his nose broken because of a badly choreographed fight scene.

He was apparently furious. And why wouldn't he be?

The injury was bad, but not being able to fix it properly was worse. He could not get it straightened and had to be content with only setting it in place.

It's also reported that if he had it straightened, the nosejob procedure would have changed his appearance.

Counting this, he has broken his nose three times, or so his Wikipedia suggests.

As for now, it's permanently bent to his left. And he has embraced the bend.

Adrien Brody’s Nose in Pop Culture

Brody's nose has a fanbase of its own. This is apparent all over the internet but especially on Twitter.

There are countless tweets from people swooning over his schnozzle, even to where it probably might have almost as big a fanbase as Brody himself, or his acting.

Some are just impressed by how it looks, or how he looks with it gracing his face.

A few others even have crushes on his nose. Someone even called his nose "the best nose in the world."

However, it's not just the public that it holds influence over. It's also the industry itself, or at least some within it.

One theory suggests Brody got his role in The Pianist not just because of his acting skills. It was his nose that made him a contender stronger than any other actor for the role.

His portrayal of Wladyslaw Szpilman in that movie landed him an Oscar and his nose a distinct status in the world of polarizing body features.