Recently, Omer Fedi flaunted a tantalizing selfie with his girlfriend, Addison Rae, over his Instagram story. 

However, unlike the usual fans gushing over the adorable couple, rumors began circulating that the boyfriend had leaked the picture in public without Rae's consent.

What's more surprising is that the rumors refused to die down even when Rae posted the same pic via her socials a couple of days later. 

After a point, the rumors lighted up to such an intensity that Rae had to take it upon herself to bust them wide open and expose the truth. 

The Supposedly Leaked Picture

From the top, the picture that spurred all of these rumors was a cute selfie from the couple. 

The picture framed a happy Rae beaming a beautiful smile for the camera while her boyfriend hugged her from behind.

Rae's eyes were blissfully shut while Fedi held, what appears to be, her bare torso. The musician's full face was not in the frame, but still, his striped t-shirt and shoulder-length curls could be made out. 

Oh! and the entire snap came with a monochrome print.

The Supposedly leaked picture of Addison Rae & Omer Fedi

The Supposedly leaked picture of Addison Rae & Omer Fedi (Source: Instagram)

Addison Rae Denied All Rumors

Now, to sum up, the rumor that this Instagram story spawned went something like this: Fedi took an inappropriate picture of Rae and uploaded it to his social media without her consent and/or knowledge.

But then again, when another TikToker outlined the same rumor for their followers on the video-sharing platform, Rae sternly denied all of it. 

"This is completely untrue," she wrote in the comments. 

She even went as far as to say that she didn't even know where and how these rumors originated. Regardless, she reaffirmed that it was all a false narrative. 

Beneath that same post, another user lauded the adorable snap and voiced confusion about what everyone was on about. 

To them, Rae responded by claiming that she reposted the photo herself. 

"These rumors are disgusting," she penned.

I love Omer and if I didn't feel safe and comfortable with him, I wouldn't be with him.

Fans Defend Addison Rae & Boyfriend

Another netizen came to Rae's defense and asked the throng of users venting out on baseless rumors to calm down. 

They explained how Rae had made no remarks claiming that any of the rumored facts were true. 

"Y'all are making up random rumors and gossip for no reason," the user wrote, whilst still being open to consider the rumors as facts if the concerned parties made official statements. 

But with that critical evidence nowhere to be found, and just witnessing what was available — the photo — they couldn't help but notice how happy Rae was. 

And if that wasn't enough to dissuade the people from propelling the rumor further, there was Rae's response to that comment that made things a lot easier. 

In her response, Rae thanked the user for being truthful and considering all the facts available to them.

Restating what she said in the comments over on TikTok, Rae explicitly noted that the photo was posted by herself and her boyfriend. 

"So, I was fully aware it was posted," she claimed. 

Hopefully, her comments reach all those spilling their anger towards the boyfriend whilst rooting their resentment in unverified rumors.