Arian Asllani, better known by his stage name, Action Bronson, is a television star, author, and talk show host. But above all, Bronson is known as a rapper.

Before his rap career took off, he was a respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York City. But a broken leg in a kitchen accident altered the course of his life forever.

Unable to continue working as a chef, he transitioned to making music. He released his debut studio album, Dr. Lecter, independently in 2011, followed by his second and solo studio album, Mr. Wonderful. 

It crashed the Top Ten of the Billboard 200. His third and latest solo album, Blue Chips 7000, was released in 2017. Bronson routinely pays homage to old-school Hip-Hop artists like Mobb Deep and the late rapper DMX. 

In fact, during his April 20, 2021 appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Bronson expressed his regret for not talking to DMX one last time before he passed away.

Action Bronson Helps His Wife with Child Birth

During the episode, host Joe Rogan and Bronson talked about drug abuse when Bronson mentioned the late rapper and wished him peace. 

The host asked Bronson if he saw the video where DMX’s body was being moved from the hospital. “Pretty amazing. The fans outside were playing his music while they were driving the car with his body outside the hospital,” said Rogan. 

Bronson replied that he didn’t see all that, but wished he could tell DMX the story he recounted to Rogan. The rapper noted that he grew up on DMX, idolized him, and shared how much the late rapper meant to his family. 

Bronson shared that his wife was in labor for 18 hours with a doula. He explained that to help induce childbirth, Peruvian flute music was being played, but it wasn’t helping, and when 17 hours had passed, they were told they had to get a c-section. 

The ‘Actin’ Crazy’ rapper switched off the flute music and played some DMX. Bronson swore that the moment his son heard DMX’s song, he came out in no time. He shared that he found the whole thing incredulous despite witnessing it, but wished he could recount this to DMX. 

Action Bronson’s Wife and Kids

In the story mentioned above, Bronson’s son, Benicio, was born to him and his wife, Valeria Salazar, on November 10, 2019.

The couple is relatively private about their relationship, so it is unconfirmed when they got together, but Bronson first posted about his relationship with Salazar in 2017. 

According to Bronson’s Instagram post, his wife is a Native American. She is also a licensed social worker and the founder of The Mothership Portal, a community for women to share their creativity. 

Before Salazar, Bronson was with someone else, resulting in him fathering two kids. He has two teenage children, Elijah and Hannah.