A new member arrives on Maness's family. Surprise delivery at their sweet home!

Cole Maness and his actress wife, Erika Christensen welcomed a new baby on 11th August 2018, but it was a surprise delivery. 

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The 35-years-old actress revealed through the Instagram that Cole, aged 39, was forced to deliver their newborn daughter as they did not call the doctor in time.

Talking about the baby's birth, Erica stated that it would go down in family's history because the babygirl’s dad delivered her all by himself.

She added that it was her fault entirely as she did not know the daughter would come so quickly and didn’t call the doc until far too late.

The Parenthood star posted an intimate picture with her husband and the new-born baby named Polly, which was taken by her mother Kathy Christensen who arrived with the doctor later.

A smile for the new baby bliss: Cole and wife Erika poses with the newly-born daughter, Polly in August 2018 (Photo: Erika Christensen's Instagram)

Erica has been sharing the timeline of her pregnancy via her Instagram for several months. Initially, she planned to confine the gender of the child, but she accidentally leaked the news while attending a dinner for the 2018 Women in Film Face of the Future event in June, this year. 

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The arrival of the baby made them the parents of two kids. The couple had already welcomed their first daughter, Shane Maness on 21 June 2016.

Cole and Erica tied the wedding knot on 5th September 2015 at a ranch near Palm Springs, California. The private wedding ceremony was held in a rustic setting with minimal decor under an ancient oak tree in front of family and friends.

A special day for the couple: Cole Maness appear on the aisle with his wife Erika Christensen at their wedding in September 2014 (Photo: Dailymail)

They got engaged in November 2014, ten months before their wedding. Cole is a Memphis native, who regards cycling as both his passion and a job, and Erica loves her husband's job and even prefers cycling adventures with him in spare times.

As the job of his wife is no longer a secret, i.e. an award-winning actress it is revealed that she has an impressive net worth of $10 Million. The couple currently resides along with their kids in Los Angeles, California.

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