Anita Corsini, 41, a star co-host of HGTV’s popular show Flip or Flop Atlanta along with her husband/co-host Ken Corsini, has flipped more than 700 homes through the real estate family business in Woodstock, Georgia.

Anita Corsini’s Bio (Age): Parents, Height, Nationality, Ethnicity

Born on 7  March 1977, to mother Susan in  Raleigh, North California, the United States, Corsini holds American nationality. She has not revealed much about the whereabouts of her father yet.

She stands at a modest height and has maintained a constant average body weight, shutting off any outright appearances’ critique.

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Her husband, Ken, calls her a ‘persian beauty.’ It is merely not just a romantic verse delivered by her beloved husband, but it is a revelation that she has Persian or Iranian ancestry, giving a hint of her mixed ethnicity.  

You Will Never Guess Anita Corsini's Former Profession, Net Worth?  

The licensed real estate agent and renovator earned a master’s degree in mathematics and was a high school math teacher before she joined her husband in their family real estate business, Red  Barn Homes.

Back in the days as a teacher, she adored working closely with people. This is how she developed her outstanding communication prowess, which she now uses to rake up millions in real estate.

"I really am a kid at heart and love being with people, so teaching was a great fit for me"

The hosting duo, Anita and  Ken, are said to be combinedly worth around $15 million. 

Anita Corsini Met Future Husband Ken Corsini As Teenanger

If one is to look for the perfect college sweetheart then, hands down, there is seldom any rivalry against the Corsini's.

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The TV hosts met during their junior year at the University of Georgia and are together ever since. They might have started out dating as any other teen but they lasted as ideal.

Why Anita Corsini & Ken Corsini's Marriage Is Rock-Solid Strong?

Many viewers deem that the Flip or Flop couple not only have a perfect How I Met Your Mother story but also have a mature relationship both as life and business partners.

The pair is easy when it comes to arguments, and they have learned when to call the truce during confrontations.

You see, we are two opinionated people, who are, ahem, a little bit stubborn. So yes, there are times we don’t always see eye to eye on things. We work hard to find a compromise that we can both live with.

Such a bonded chemistry has made its root in their 18 years long relationship. Ken's 'tall, dark, and handsome' looks with his 'funny' personality have charmed Anita over the years.

In her business partner husband, she has also found a parallel set of values. She feels like she has hit the jackpot finding her soulmate in Ken, who, according to her, knows 'how to have a good time' and 'win' in life.     

Their Son Battled Cancer & Brought Them Closer, Children?

The couple’s love for one another seems to last till eternity. This partners in business and life are rich when it comes to love and the economy. What more do you need to be more glorious?

But for Anita and her Ken, marriage is not only about triumphant days. The pair also has learned to be together in ups an downs in life.

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When their son, Rocco, now 8 years old, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, they grew as a family together. Altogether, the pair has three children; two daughters and cancer recovered Rocco. 

Life With Husband Ken: Anita Corsini Recalls her son's cancer battle (Photo: Anita Corsini's Instagram)

The couple's love story shows us that problems in life are easier to combat with a bonding so unbreakable!