When the hip-hop duo Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz doomed for good, one of its members did not want to live life away from the spotlight. After the end of his R&B career, he put his flamboyant personal life on the show through various reality series which kept his seat warm in the rumor generated fame. 

Peter Gunz, is an American rapper and reality star who gained popularity after the release of the album, Make it Reign along with his hip-hop duo Sean Hamilton. Singing as Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz the pair's single Deja Vu was certified ‘Platinum’ by RIAA after selling more than a million copies.

Here are some exciting wiki/facts about Peter Gunz, the man who has never missed being on the detour pages of gossip mags:

1. Peter Gunz’ Wiki-Like Bio: Father Of 10 At Age 49

Peter was born on 6 January 1969 in Bronx Idaho, the United States. Born and bred in the Bronx, Peter had an interest in R&B music from an early age and strived to make it big as a Rapper.

And his collaboration with another Bronxian, Sean Hamilton, was a successful one as they were able to create a name for themselves in the crowded R&B scene in the late 90s. Peter and Sean formed rap duo, Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz and released their only album in 1998, Make It Reign, which was well recieved. But once, Peter fulfilled his lifelong aim of making it as a rapper, he had a hard time managing that image.

It is fair enough to say that he has had a hard time keeping up with his career in the entertainment industry. Fame has come to him but at the cost of controversies and tremulous rumor.

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It seems like he doesn’t mind the rumors for he has maintained a tendency of keeping them alive so as to keep him in limelight. A notorious philanderer, he has had an intimate relationship with numerous women despite being married. 

He fathers ten kids culminated from his relationship with wife Amina Buddafly and other multiple women. That’s a significant number for his 49 years of age.

Another Baby: Peter Gunz welcomed the second baby with (10th in the total) with wife in January 2017. (Photo: Vh1)

If there is one thing that Peter has accumulated at his age, then it would be plenty controversies.

2. Peter Gunz’ Career And Net Worth

Peter had to call it quits on his music gig along with the collapse of Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz in 1999. He tried walking solo in with music but couldn’t sustain for more than a year only to hang onto collaborations with artists like Big Pun, Mariah Carey, and KRS-One.

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However, Gunz remained in the limelight through several TV appearances in the shows like Sons of a Gun in 2008,  Funk Flex Full Throttle in 2011 and Afraid of the Dark. He has come to maintain consistency since 2013 through Vh1’s reality series Love Love & Hip Hop.

Let's just say he's had a whole time struggling to get lit under the halo of the spotlight. And no surprise he counts net worth of $500,000 at age 49.

3. Peter Gunz Cheated Girlfriend With Wife But Marriage Won’t Last

The reality star’s personal life instability is perfectly in balance with his professional part. A major glimpse of the mess was made public in Love & Hip Hop storyline starring him alongside his ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace, and his wife Amina Buddafly, where he was trying to handle his marriage and children.

He married  Amina in 2012 after cheating on ex-girlfriend Tara. The worst case scenario is, their marriage has never been on the right term either. Even more surprising revelation is the circumstance of their big day that Peter made in an interview with Bossip in January 2018.

We got married on the shakiest grounds ever.  When the wedding was over, she went home and I was living with someone... The way we got married, how did we expect for something like that to last?

The duo tried sorting out in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but it must be the weak foundation their marriage had that has resulted in a demanding divorce filed in 2017. The separation probably has a long way to go before its finalization, but the man is not wasting any time to hunt for a new girl.

4. Peter Gunz Is An Expert Cheater--Now Engaged To Another?

Being a part of fiery controversy has never been big of a  fuss for the reality star who willingly doesn’t keep confidential personal moves to himself. And this time around, he is in the headlines for getting engaged with an 18 -years old girl. His new engagement is proving him a big time cheater as he remains married to Amina.

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Peter went live on Instagram in September 2018 to brag about his young fiance while his existing wife took a chance to call out on him for the engagement.

Someone's Not Happy About Engagement: Peter Gunz's wife, Amina Buddafly's harsh reply on his Instagram live regarding his engagement with 18 years old girl. (Photo: MTO News)

This man can’t keep a secret. Thank god he had the decency of keeping the identity of his newfound fling zipped up for now.