How many of us know the difference between ‘father’ and ‘daddy’? The truth is, many of us don’t even feel the need to ponder upon these two terms but when it comes to American rapper/singer Michael Bivins, his perspective is brilliantly thoughtful for the matter.

Michael Bivins is famously known as the founding member of established American music groups, New Edition, and Bell Biv DeVoe. He has released albums such as Candy Girl, All For Love, Home Again and One Love among others with New Edition, and other hits namely Poison, Hootie Mack, BBD and so forth with Bell Biv DeVoe.

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The Boston native has extended his reach from a heightening member of the famous bands to individual feat of a music producer and manager, and he has attained an equal success on it.

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Michael Bivins’ Surprising Graduation At Age 50!

The music producer was born on 10 August 1968 to parents Gerard Bivins and Shirley Bivins in Boston, Massachusetts. The only tits-bits known about his childhood is that he had a joyful time bouncing the basketball in the hometown court.

He attended Bellmont High School but couldn't complete the education back then because he had to move in New Edition.

But he is not the man who would like to leave the work unfinished. And he proved so by going back to Belmont in June 2018 to receive an honorary high school diploma.

At 50 years of age, his high spirit in respect of education can potentially inspire many other to fist an educational achievement.

What Is Michael Bivins Net Worth?

The star rapper has had an early start in the career in 1978 as the founding member of New Edition. The band was formed as an outcome of Roxbury neighborhood kids’ musical gig. And who would have thought it would make a big over the years!

However, the group split in 1989 just to reunite in 1996. Michael took his chance to build his another group, Bell Biv DeVoe- which also made a significant hit in the industry, during the New Edition cleft.

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Michael’s 5ft. 6 inches height makes him an averagely tall man while his career success says anything but average about him. The net worth of $40 million that he relishes is shouting for his excellent career success.

Michael Bivins’ Wife Behind His Fatherhood Bliss

Michael is a lucky man to have found Teasha Bivins as a wife. They recited their wedding vows in 2006. The years that followed have blessed them with delightful children whose giggles echo in their house as lively melody.

With Wife & Kids: Michael Bivins with his beautiful wife and adorable daughters- son missing in the photo (Photo: Pinterest)

The couple is parents to three daughters Savannah, Shilah and Starlah, and a son Michael Jr.

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Michael is indeed a family guy who loves his fatherhood experience. He has shown his dedication to being with his kids calling him ‘daddy’ instead of ‘father’. His insightful perspective in this matter was unveiled via his article published in Black America Web.

This is my perspective on daddies and fathers! Your kids call you Daddy because of the time you spend with them and the love you share with words and moments in the same house. Fathers sometimes don’t live in the house and come around every now and again. When some kids introduce their dads, they say  ‘That’s my father.’ My kids say ‘That's my daddy.

If there is one person who is to be credited for his ecstatic fatherhood experience, it’s his wife, Teasha.