American pop singer Mark Tuan is one of the seven members of the Korean pop music boy band, GOT7. He and his band members took the Korean and international pop scene by storm by releasing their first single, Girl Girl Girl. 

Here are some lesser-known wikis about Mark Tuan that includes his birthday, tattoos, girlfriend, and dating status.

Mark Tuan’s Bio: Age, Birthday

Mark, full name: Mark Yi-Eun Tuan, was born in 1993. The K-pop superstar is an American citizen by birth (born in Los Angeles, California) and has Korean plus Taiwanese heritage.

Born to Raymond and Dorine Tuan, Mark has three siblings: two elder sisters, Grace Tuan and Tammy Chung, and a younger brother named Joel.


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The 27-years-old celebrates his birthday on September 4.

Journey From America to Korea

After living in America, Paraguay, and Brazil, Tuan moved to Korea when he found a significant opportunity to make music. JYP, a Korean music company and talent agency had selected him for a training program in Korea in 2010.

With the flourishing K-pop scene, the opportunity was too good for young Mark even to think. So, he went to South Korea and joined JYP.

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JYP put him in a group of seven and named the group GOT7, after training him for three years. Soon enough, the young boys took the Korean music scene by storm with their very first single, Girl Girl Girl, in 2014.

The song has over 95 million views on YouTube.

Mark Tuan Has a Tattoo

A part of his unique charm, the electric stage performer has a tattoo of a cross on the calf of his left leg.

His fans often resort to discussing what the tattoo signifies for Mark. Does the cross make him religious? Does it being on his calves make him irreligious? But, like in most cases, the truth has always eluded the fans.

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Didn't Renew Contract With JYP

Since getting into the music field professionally, Tuan and his band, GOT7, were under JYP, a South Korean multinational record label, since 2013.

In collaboration with the record, they produced five studio albums, twenty-two singles, and fifteen EPs. 


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However, the artist, bandmates, and even the company mutually decided not to renew the contract after its expiration in 2021.

On January 11, 2021, JYP announced the news and maintained that they chose not to revise the deal in a mutual agreement. The company also asserted that they would support GOT7 despite not being under the official relationship. 

Dating Status, Who is his girlfriend?

The Draconian policy of JYP to restrict its artists from dating made sure that Mark cleared off any dating news. Even if he was dating, he couldn't let a single thing out.

Therefore, the lack of much information and the compulsive nature of the fans to enjoy the juice of their stars’ personal life led them to make up their own stories, often claiming non-existing evidence in the said star's Twitter or Instagram or Facebook accounts.

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One of such theories was Mark dating his long-time friend Jessica.

But the story that Jessica was Mark’s girlfriend and not merely a friend wasn't going beyond the rumor-zone, as both Mark and Jessica were tight-lipped about it.

Girlfriend Rumors: A fan showcases childhood photos of Mark Tuan and his long-term friend Jessica (Photo: Mark Tuan's fan page Twitter)

Other than Jessica, Tuan hasn't been linked with any other women to date.