American violinist Brian King Joseph was diagnosed with a severe nerve disorder in 2012 and still suffers from the excruciating pain it entails. Nevertheless, the young violinist made it to the finals of the 2018 edition of AGT and defied all his physical pain to present a beautiful rendition of a hip-hop song that left the viewers and the judges awestruck.

The Washington native is best known as the finalist of the 2018 edition of America’s Got Talent (AGT), who plays electric violin covers of a diverse selection of songs, adding to them, his unique elements. Brian is also popular as a YouTuber with a channel to his name where he posts his violin covers from time to time.

The Final Day: Brian King Joseph plays the violin version of Kanye West's hit soulful song 'Heartless' on the AGT finals and receives a standing ovation from the judges.

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Up recently, Brian King Joseph appeared for the stage performance on the finals of AGT and gave an electric performance to make it to the third place overall, winning million hearts and stunning a billion souls.

Brian King Joseph Bio: Age, Education

Brian King Joseph was born on 1992 in Washington, DC, capital of the United States of America and celebrates his birthday on 25 April. Though a lot is not out about his parents, it is known that he grew up with his sisters and mother in the family.

The American violinist attended Takoma Academy in Silver Spring, Maryland. The musician, who played violin from the age of four, received a Presidential Scholarship from the Berklee College of Music, Massachusetts.

Brian King Joseph's Net Worth

With the talent that Brian has, it is quite inevitable to escape fortunes. The violinist consistently posts his music and piano covers on his YouTube channel and surely does make a decent amount of money.

According to the, his channel makes money ranging from $1.4K to 21.9K yearly. With the recent popularity that he has garnered via AGT, his net worth and earning are bound to go up.

Brian Suffers From Bad Health; Feels Numb

Even if Brian can be seen all smiling while he plays the violin on stage and his YouTube channel, he hides a secret about his health underneath his skin.

He was diagnosed with a severe nerve disease in 2012, and so, he has been fighting with his health every day. Due to his disease, he cannot feel some parts of the body specifically his fingers and hands even when he plays his violin.

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This condition has certainly made it hard for him to go on but the electric violinist finds strength in pain every day when he holds his violin.

Brian's Long-Time Girlfriend, Kimmy Tan Always Together

The success of the American violinist has made everyone proud and motivated: his family, his friends, and the world. The newfound popularity with his AGT journey has surely inspired a million hearts.

Though every girl in the world right now would want him to take her hands, the violinist is already taken. He has a YouTube personality girlfriend named Kimmy Tan who is very close to him and has been together with him for a very long time.

Lovebirds, Together: Kimmy Tan posts picture with Brian King Joseph wishing him very best for AGT Finals. (Source: Kimmy Tan's Instagram)

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With the well deserved third place in the AGT, Brian King Joseph is sure to hit the mainstream of doing his dream collaborations with many artists and be a known name in the music industry in a couple of years.