Singer Demi Lovato had a near-death experience following a drug overdose in 2018. In her latest music video for Dancing With The Devil,  the 28-year-old singer has bravely tried to recreate the night of the incident. 


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The video, which was released on April 1, 2021, features a harrowing recreation of the dark phase of her life in various stages when she lost herself, bit by bit, to an addition that was worsening.

Talking about her video, the singer told Entertainment Weekly that usually being descriptive triggers some people, but the truth of it all is ghastly and people should know that.

Sometimes being descriptive can be triggering, but that’s the sad, sad truth of how dark it can get… That’s important to give people, too.

In her recently released four-part docuseries, the singer also revealed that the drug dealer sexually assaulted her on the night of her overdose and she was "left for dead."

Lovato recalled they found her naked and blue in her Holywood Hills home after overdosing on a cocktail of Fentanyl-laced Oxycodone and heroin.

In the video, the singer pinned down the smallest of details from the grim night, including her clothes, hair, and makeup. Even after overdosing that night, Lovato could not bring herself to stay away from drugs. She is sober and in a much better place now. 

Lovato came undone in Dancing With The Devil , and her fans love her for it. She is truly a survivor!