Arizona Zervas is an American rapper, singer, and composer with quite a few well-received songs like RIP, Fast, and more popularly Roxanne.

Talking about the rapper's love life, he is currently dating Lydia Kenney, a fast-rising Instagram influencer who started her career as an assistant to the YouTube star Logan Paul. 

Zervas and Kenney do not share a lot about their relationship on social media, but Kenney does share an occasional photo or two from different lovely moments. She also supports her boyfriend by regularly posting links to his music on her social media profiles, which enjoy a huge number of followers.

Arizona Zervas’s Girlfriend Lydia Kenney Shot To Fame After Working With Logan Paul

Lydia Kenney got her first claim to fame after the famous YouTuber Logan Paul appointed her as his assistant. Logan Paul's video, 'MY NEW ASSISTANT IS EVEN SHORTER!', uploaded in August 2017, introduced Kenney to the world. The video currently has 17 Million views.

Following her debut, Kenney was featured on several different videos of Logan Paul, which made her a familiar face to millions of Logan's fans and eventually helped her rise to fame in a relatively short time.

Lydia Kenney currently has almost half a million followers on her Instagram, regularly posting lifestyle photos.

Arizona Zervas And Lydia Kenney Like To Keep Their Relationship On The Low

Although it is not quite clear when the couple started dating exactly, Kenney's first photo with her rapper boyfriend was posted in April 2019.

Even though Zervas rarely posts any photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram, he can be seen in a few of her posts. In one such photo, the couple can be seen enjoying quality time with each other.

As a lovely touch and a sign of what seems to be a very loving relationship, Kenney has also posted a photo with Arizona Zervas while the couple celebrated what seems to be a lovely Valentine's Day.

Kenney is Very Supportive of Zervas's Singing Career And Shares His Music On Her Social Media Regularly

With a huge number of followers on social media, Kenney makes sure that she regularly shares Zervas' songs. Whenever he releases new music, Kenney immediately retweets his song links on Twitter and asks her followers to listen to the song. These small yet loving gestures help Zervas reach a wider audience and add to his already rising fanbase.

While Zervas already has a big fanbase, this support undoubtedly will only increase his reach and influence. Not just that, it is also a sign that Kenney is really invested in her boyfriend's success.