Renowned QVC host Rachel Boesing is always grateful to her family who despite being related by love, not by blood helped her culminate. She made most of the second chance that her 'adoptive' family gifted her.

The Minneapolis native is mostly remembered for her works in Channel 4 News and 20th Annual Kingdom Day Parade in 2005. She upkeeps her life hosting various QVC programs. As of 2018, she currently works as a program host in QVC.

Here is a compiled list of captivating wikis regarding her age, ethnicity, husband.

1. Rachel Boesing's Bio: Age, Ethnicity

Rachel Boesing was born as a homeless bi-racial kid, on 17 May 1966. She was adopted by the white family when she was just two months, and she was among their three children. She belongs to Afro-American ethnicity.

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The journalist studied at Brown University where she graduated in the field of Psychology in 1988. She also has an MBA in marketing from the University Of Michigan.  

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2. Rachel Boesing Career: From Business Person to QVC

Despite being an adopted child, Rachel neither had obligations nor difficulties in her life to pursue her career. In 1997, she kicked off her career working as a weekday entertainment reporter and weekday weather anchor in KVBC TV.

Marching on the steps to success, she joined KNBC in LA as a weather reporter in 2003.

It was in 2007 that the reporter took a new step in career leaving the reporting and starting her own business which provided marketing and multimedia consulting services.

Well, her business was the turning point in her career as her works supplemented with her communication skills, and proper business skills helped her get more attention.

Finally, in 2011, Rachel got rewarded for exhibiting exemplary works in her business as she saw herself getting onboard as a program host in QVC, the country's highly famed home shopping network. 

3. Rachel Boesing On Her Upbringing: How Adoptive Family Saved Her Life! 

There are thousands of homeless children roaming around in the world every day. Only a few of them are fortunate enough to get good home while many others remain homeless for a lifetime. 

Rachel was one of those fortunate homeless kids who found herself a good home with a loving family. According to wiki sources, she was adopted by the white family when she was just of two months. Despite growing up as an adopted kid in a very artistic family, where her mother's a playwright and father was a composer,  she got all the family support she needed and acquainted herself as a journalist. 

Happy: Rachel wishes her godmother a happy mothers day on 15 May 2015 (Photo source: Rachel's facebook)

In 2015, Writing on her QVC blogs about her mom, Rachel thankfully stated

"Three years later after being influenced by "Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr"  speech, my mom adopted me--a bi-racial baby."

Talking about her family she also added,

"Dr. King’s dream was a reality in our house. I grew up in a home that did not judge people based on the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Rachel, age 52,  has surely been blessed with a wonderful family as she keeps talking about the support she had while growing up. Even being a bi-racial kid, her family had no problems objections to it and gave a certain dimension to her life.

And regards to the second chance, which life gave her, she grabbed it portraying out a defining career.

4. Is Rachel Boesing Married?

Well, Rachel's successful professional career pulls a lot of question about the other side of her life, especially about her married life and husband.

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However, the journalist has remained reticent about her love life. According to the wiki sources, she is unmarried and probably single as of now.