Owen Conflenti is an American journalist best known for his position as a morning news anchor for KPRC.

Prior to his current position, he served as a weekend anchor and reporter for WNCT-TV. He has also worked in several television and radio stations based in Los Angeles, Boston, and Pittsburgh.

Meet Owen Conflenti's Wife

Conflenti's socials feature more of his work-wife, KPRC co-anchor Rachel McNeill, than his real wife. Still, his wife, Odilia Conflenti, proudly flaunts her husband on her Instagram every chance she gets. 

TV Wife: Owen Conflenti shares a cute picture with his co-anchor Rachel McNeill (Photo: Owen Conflenti's Facebook| 2016)

On December 19, 2021, Odilia put up a celebratory post on her Instagram featuring a selfie of herself and her husband as she wished everyone a Merry Christmas. 

Going by her Instagram feed, it also stands to reason that Odilia hails from Hispanic origins.

Back in early November 2021, the news anchor's wife put up a couple of posts to celebrate The Day of The Dead. Besides that, she also gives her followers regular updates on her family of five. 

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Owen Conflenti Is A Father of Three

The oldest of the Conflenti siblings is Mia, who celebrated her fourteenth birthday in May 2021. 

Conflenti and his wife welcomed another beautiful baby daughter Mila Owen Conflenti in February of 2018.

The most recent update on the toddler is that she started dance lessons back in September 2021. Her mother made an Instagram post to share the news.

Baby Daughter: Owen Conflenti shares a picture of his adorable newborn baby (Photo: Owen Conflenti's Facebook| 2018)

Apart from these two daughters, the couple is also parents to a baby boy who turned 2 in September 2021. However, the couple is yet to reveal his name to the world. 

Owen Conflenti Short Bio (Age)

Born on August 7, 1976, in Pittsburgh, Owen Conflenti is the son of parents Jack Conflenti and Maureen Frumen. His late father was a defense attorney by profession. Along with his siblings Luke and Caitlin, he grew up in New York City.

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He graduated with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College in Boston.

Was Owen Conflenti Fired From KPRC For His On-Screen Middle Finger Salute?

Conflenti put his academic credentials to good use as he sought to make a career in the broadcasting industry. Over the course of his career, he landed jobs in television and radio stations. He worked as a weekend anchor and reporter at WNCT-TV.

His career soared to new heights when he joined KPRC in 2005. He's currently an anchor on KPRC's Local 2 News, which broadcasts weekly in the morning hours at 4:30 a.m., 5 a.m., and 6 a.m. As a KPRC reporter and anchor, he earns an average estimated salary of  $90,182.

KPRC Anchor: Owen Conflenti reports news on his KPRC Local News 2 Show (Photo: DailyMail| 2011)

One of the most outrageous moments in Conflenti's career at KPRC was when he was caught passing a middle finger salute to someone off-camera while on-screen after returning from a commercial break.

After the incident, the reporter supposedly vanished and was nowhere to be seen on his regular news broadcast, which led to rumors being spread about his suspension from KPRC.

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But the rumors were false, and Conflenti was absent as he was traveling to cover the Super Bowl from the Dallas area.