Despite many successes one can comprehend, vast riches the most primary thing but yet so important is health. Matt Pinfield had undoubtedly enjoyed successes throughout his career but for now, he is pivoted to searching rehabilitation for himself.

The American nation is widely known for its program‘ 120 Minutes’ which aired on MTV. The show debuted in about 1995 grabbing a lot of successes in the process. However, after just four years of airtime, the show had to be closed due to several problems. With his 3 decades long contribution in the music industry, he is known as the Music Encyclopedia, and popular as a knowledgeable and well-known music personality in the industry.

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But, having had made a lot of impact through the show, Matt was once again called up to host the show which was once again aired in 2011. He takes over hosting duties on San Francisco’s KFOG radio.

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Pinfield was oddly suited to the television media because he was always thrilled to work on anything that came forth of him and even sat side by side with unusually behaving Lou Reed during his hosting career.

Matt Pinfield Short Bio: Net Worth

Born on 28 May 1961, The music personality and popular MTV host grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Matt shares a lot of pictures of his family in his official Twitter account. It may sound rather absurd than controversial that despite his family featuring constantly in his social media, he hasn’t disclosed any of the names of his parents nor his other family members as of yet.

Pinfield started his career from radio, and now, he is the most widely known VJ on MTV and VH1. 

Being honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and several other accolades, he is definitely a person with high net worth.

 Matt, aged 58, has two children Maya Pinfield and Jessica Pinfield, and a hefty net worth of $2 Million.

Parent's Children Despite Lack Of Wife? 

Matt Pinfield, who was once labeled to have a voice like a “bullfrog with bronchitis,” has today become one of the defining personalities in the radio and TV sector, Despite his fame, his privacies have remained a private matter.

Matt has never expressed his marital relationship but being a Twitter freak he is often seen talking about his ex-wife, the mother of two children Maya and Jessica his Twitter handle.

When all the sketchy bits of his personal life are added up, what comes to fore is his bio once read as married. His marital relationship failed to last the long haul and soon after getting married, he divorced his wife.

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During the time they were married, he and his wife had two children, both daughters, Maya and Jess. And having had the hardship of raising his daughters as a single parent, he has plenty of Twitter posts about 'proud dad moment' depicting his daughter’s success.

Despite having no wife to support him, He doesn't seem to be bothered by not having one and instead has focused on his career.

Matt Pinfield Career: MTV Debut With Show 120 Minutes, Now

It was written for him to make a name in the field of entertainment, Matt, age 58, in his early career working as an on-air host and music director at WRSU-FM. Penfield, the human encyclopedia of music received Gavin Award in 1992 and 1993 for National Commercial Alternative Music Director of the Year for his decade tenure in the WHTG-FM as a DJ. After having a bright start as a DJ host, Matt was never fed up with learning and decided to take a further step in his career.

In 1995 his television career started as a host for MTV’s 120 Minutes. Within a short span of time, he hosted a variety of MTV shows and leaving a huge impact on each one of them. 100 MTV specials were a reward for his brilliant communication skills.

Pinfield left the WRXP station as it changed formats in July 2011 for its show 120 Minutes, which was later revived by MTV2. He began hosting the revived weekly series on July 31, 2011.

Topping all was his debut show which made a heavy impact in his career. It had been a long decade wait after the program was closed but the program once again aired in 2011. And having made such impact in a short space of time, Matt was once again appointed as host.

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Although the program was once again an instant hit, he parted his ways with The 120 Minutes show to redesign his career to host "Flashback", a classic rock weekend show on 219 radio stations owned by Cumulus Media in 2012. In 2016 Matt made his return to his first profession took over the morning DJ time-slot of KFOG TV.

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No matter how much success and fame he gained, He had a slip involving alcohol and had problems with congestive heart failure. Working with KFOG TV, The famous DJ finally had to focus back on his health and informed that he was taking a break in order to enter rehab, medications to get back on life’s track.  

In 2015 Pinfield joined SiriusXM Radio's Lithium channel as the morning host. 

And in 2017, having been rejuvenated by the therapy and rehabilitation stint, he announced that he was to leave KFOG TV, to concentrate on his two nationally syndicated radio shows, Flash Back and Two Hours.  

Survives Terrific Car Accident

On 3rd December 2018, Matt was hit by a speeding car while crossing the street in Los Angeles. He was then rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital and treated for a broken leg which was fractured in two places. He had lacerations to his head, which required multiple stitches. TMZ reports that the incident has not been a hit-and-run.

Matt underwent surgery, and fortunately, it was successful and the former MTV host is now in stable condition. He thanked all his fans and followers for the support in difficult times through his Instagram post on 6th December 2018.

Message to admirers: Matt Pinfield thanks his followers for their support after surviving a dreadful accident in December 2018. (Photo: Matt Pinfield's Instagram)

Matt's recovery process is on the way, and the stitches on his head have been removed now. He is fighting for soon recovery on the way back through physical therapy. He has been out of the news from his tragic accident but is active on social media giving updates on his health to his fans and wishing them for Christmas and New Year.