For American Journalist Lou Dobbs his career in prestigious news networks like CNN and Fox News has gained him tons of popularity but along with that, it has also provided him with a huge salary that adds up to his massive net worth.

The finance guru is a conservative television pundit, business writer, host, author and commentator who is best known for his #1 news program on business television show Lou Dobbs Tonight which airs on Fox Business Network.

Fox News: Lou Dobbs delivers breaking news for the Fox news network (Published on 15 November 2018)

Prior to joining Fox Business Network, he served as the chief economic correspondent, managing editor and executive vice president for CNN. He was also the anchor for CNN's Moneyline which covered financial news and hosted a U.S Radio Network show Lou Dobbs Financial Report.

He is also the author of seven books which includes Space: The Next Business Frontier (2001), Upheaval (2014), Putin's Gambit: A Novel (2017), among others.

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He was listed as one of the top 10 most important radio talk show hosts in America by Talkers Magazine in 2009.

Lou Dobbs Is Harvard University Graduate

Texan native Lou Dobbs was born on 1945 as the son of Frank Dobbs -- the co-owner of propane business and mother Lydia Dobbs, a bookkeeper. Aged 73 in 2018 he celebrates his birthday each year on September 24.

He did his schooling from Minico High School and later graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics. Before stepping up his foot into journalism he worked in government and banks.

Lou Dobbs Career Progression From CNN To Fox News

He started his career in journalism as the reporter and anchor for various radio news networks including KBLU and KING-TV. Soon in 1979 he was contacted by Ted Turner in CNN's formation year and by 1980 he became the chief economics correspondent and as host of the business news program Moneyline (2001) on CNN.

He later left CNN to start an astronomical news site but soon returned and anchored the news program Lou Dobbs Tonight. However, in 2009 Dobb’s viewers were left stunned with the news of his resignation from CNN.

His departure was rumored to be because of his clashes with the management team. After CNN, he returned to the radio and hosted his nationally syndicated program for three years--2009 to 2012.

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Meanwhile, having left CNN in bitter terms, it did not take him long to join a rival TV station. Just after a year leaving CNN, he made his comeback in the newsroom as the anchor for Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox News Network in 2010.

He was regarded as the Fox News’ high-profile hire as it was launched a little over three years ago. 

He is recognized for his work as the recipient of George Foster Peabody Award, Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement (2005) by National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and several more.

What Is Lou Dobbs Salary And Net Worth?

When it comes to Lou's career he has been able to mark himself as a notable journalist in the news industry which has earned him both name, fame and also tons of dollars. 

Having worked in the industry for more than 3 decades holding high and prestigious position in America’s top news network like CNN as an executive president, chief news correspondent and landing a job as a news anchor for Fox News network as a high-profile hire, it is of no doubt that he has accumulated a hefty net worth for himself.

Coming to his salary throughout his career in CNN he has been successful to earn a yearly salary of thousands of dollars yearly. And currently, as a Fox news anchor, he is reported to earn a yearly salary of $6 million per annum, putting him on par with reputed broadcasters like Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich.

His net worth also speaks of his huge salary. His net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be $16 million, comfortably placing him in the list of richest journalists now.

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And to top that off, reflecting his massive fortune -- he also owns a 300-acre horse farm and a home worth $1.2 million on Eagle Terrace in the Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

He does have all the looks of a rich man!