In February 2021, Fox Business Network cancelled Lou Dobbs' famous self-titled program, Lou Dobbs Tonight.

The cancelation was an unexpected action as Dobbs had ended his last episode of the show with his everyday appeal "Join us here tomorrow" and "See you then." The said 'tomorrow' never came as Fox News media called off the show on February 5, 2021.

The news shocked everyone, including Dobbs' followers and other media houses, as he was one of the highest-rated hosts in the television media and his program had been running smoothly since 1980. However, the network provided no significant reason for the action except repeating that the cancelation was part of its post-election programming changes.

While the network stepped back from details, many suspected that the cancelation had to do something with his entanglement in a $2.7-billion defamation lawsuit. Just a day prior to his show's dismissal, a voting software company Smartmatic had filed a defamation case against Fox News and its three hosts: Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs.

The company accused the network and Dobbs, a supporter of Donald Trump, of spreading disinformation about its roles in the election. But Fox News didn't comment if it was the ultimate reason behind the abrupt cancelation. 


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Despite the dismissal of the show, Dobbs remains under contract at Fox News. However, the Harvard graduate is likely to make no appearances on the network.

He presented his dissatisfaction with the show's decision by retweeting posts from his followers that opposed or criticized Fox and its recent changes. 

Dobbs' net worth and salary, undeniably, got affected after Fox News cancelled his famous program.

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Career Also Includes CNN 

Born on September 24, 1945, Dobbs has dedicated over four decades in journalism.

The conservative pundit started his career as a reporter and anchor for various radio news networks, including KBLU and KING-TV.

In 1979, Ted Turner contacted him during CNN's formation year and made him a part of the growing media company. By 1980, he would become the chief economics correspondent. In 2001, he took the role of a host in the business news program, Moneyline.

He later left CNN to start an astronomical news site but soon returned and anchored the news program Lou Dobbs Tonight. However, in 2009 Dobb’s viewers were left stunned with the news of his sudden resignation from CNN.

His departure was rumored to be because of his clashes with the management team. After CNN, he returned to the radio and hosted his nationally syndicated program for three years — 2009 to 2012.

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Meanwhile, having left CNN in bitter terms, it did not take him long to join a rival TV station. Just a year after leaving CNN, he made his comeback in the newsroom as the anchor for Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox News Network in 2010.

Lou Dobbs' Net Worth

His career in prestigious news networks like CNN and Fox News gained him not only popularity but also a huge salary to add up to his net worth.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $20 million and had a salary of $5 million.

He owns a 300-acre horse farm and a home worth $1.2 million on Eagle Terrace in the Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. He lives on his farm with his wife, Debi Segura


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Besides, he is an author of 11 books, including "The Next Business Frontier," "Upheaval," "Putin's Gambit: a Novel," among others.

The political commentator has earned George Foster Peabody Award and Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement from National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.