In today's world, celebrity news is the common fodder people feast on when they got bored, and when they have no fodder to feast on, they create reports of their own. British journalist Libby Wiener kept her life so closed that some of the fans picked up some obscure facts and made up their own version of her married life.

The English-native is a veteran journalist, famous for her fierceness in search of the truth, and for her long tenure with ITV Network.

ITV News: As a political correspondent, Libby Wiener reports on then Gordon Brown's speech on the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour leader (Published on 16 August 2015)

We present you exclusive wikis about one of the most reclusive celebrities in the world, including her age, education, salary as a correspondent, and information on husband and married life.

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1. Libby Wiener's Wiki-Like Bio: Age & Education

There is little to no information about Libby Wiener’s early life, except for the fact that she got her education from the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. As a batch of 1981, Libby graduated with a degree in history.

Libby shares a strong emotional bond with her mother and is not shy to show the said bond in social media.

2. Libby Wiener's Career: Three Decades With ITN

After university, Libby has given all of herself to journalism, and especially to the ITV News. She has worked as a political correspondent for ITV News for a long time. In fact, she has spent almost three decades with the Network.

According to the wikis, the job of political correspondent brings Libby the annual salary of over $100 thousand.

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3. Libby Wiener Was Humiliated By Britain's Deputy Prime Minister

Like any other journalist, Libby is opinionated and stubborn for truth, which sometimes backfires and it did for Libby once. During one interview with the then Deputy Prime Minister of UK, John Prescott, Libby grilled him about the cost of his houses.

The deputy prime minister didn’t like the finger being raised on his own collar, and he lashed out against Libby calling the reputed and experienced journalist a ‘silly girl.’ The incident was quite humiliating not only for Libby but also for deputy prime minister.

4. Libby Wiener's Reclusive Married Life, Who Is Her Husband?

Whatever little is known about her early life, Libby’s current personal life is even more mysterious. Even at the age of 47, we don’t know if Libby is married, or still in search of a husband.

However, sometimes funny little rumors arise about her married life. People suspected that Libby’s fellow ITV journalist John Irvine was her husband. The truth, as it turned out, John Irvine’s wife’s name is also Libby, and it doesn't seem likely that Libby Irvine and Libby Wiener are the same people.

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For whatever reasons Libby has kept her life low profile, everyone should respect them and refrain from making the far-fetched deductions.