Radio presenter Lee Lin Chin has had her fair share of savage moments but has she put her sassiness aside and delved in the journey of finding her perfect husband?

Lee Lin Chin is well known for her association with the Special Broadcasting Service network for her being the weekend presenter of SBS World News.

How Savage: Lee Lin Chin reads her own mean tweets on Twitter on The Feed (Published on 24 March 2015)

Lee Lin was nominated for the 2016 Gold Logie as she became the first SBS member to be nominated for the award in the network’s 36-year run.

Peeking At Lee Lin’s Bio: Early Life & Media Career

Lee Lin Chin was born to Chinese parents in Jakarta, Indonesia. She grew up in Singapore where she began her media career in television and radio in 1968.

She went to Australia where she started working for SBS TV, translating Chinese-language films in 1980.

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She moved to present the weekend news in SBS World News in 1987 and remained there until her retirement in July 2018 after three decades of contribution.

As of now, Lee has been involved in the small segments for SBS’s The Feed where she frequently presents small comedy segments, comedic cooking show, Lee Linguine and for recent she presented The Real Newsreaders of Sydney alongside Natalie Barr and Sandra Sully.

Lee Lin’s Net Worth: Can't Be Counted in Dollars

Considering the amount of time Lee has given to her career, there’s no doubt that she has earned a significant amount of fortune.

According to sources, the average salary of an SBS employee ranges from $125,734 to $163,543, and Lee must have been one of the top earners of the network as well.

If that wasn’t enough, she published her book, Iced Beer and other Tantalising Tips for Life (2016), which sold several copies, bringing a sweet amount of wealth to her doors.

She even tweeted out that when she googled her net worth, Lee was worth $70 million, but the sassy queen quickly followed the sentence, claiming that she was a priceless national treasure.

Has Lee Charmed Her Could-Be Husband With Savage Comments?

Looking at how Lee likes to keep her age hidden, it shouldn’t be surprising that she has her possible married life safely played out behind the curtains as well.

But Lee doesn’t seem to be throwing out sarcastic comments on her romantic affair. In fact, she’s frequently mentioning about her supposedly single life as much as she can in her tweets.

She did take a 10-year-old Charlie La Rosa date to the 2016 Logie Awards at the Crown Casino though.

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And not surprisingly, Lee was speculated to be a lesbian by many, considering her long single life. But the lesbian speculations didn’t last long as Lee yet again mentioned about meeting her future husband as she posted a picture with Australian actor Geoffrey Rush on Twitter.

What She Needs In Partner: Lee Lin posts a picture with her so-called future husband, Geoffrey Rush on Twitter on 16 November 2015 (Photo: Lee Lin’s Twitter)

And no, Lee was not in any way serious when she called Geoffrey her future husband. Her mentioned partners seem to be changing in short time spans as once again, she posted a picture of Tom Hardy, openly calling him out as her boyfriend.

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As sassy as Lee Lin can be, you must be thinking that there might be a soft spot developed in her heart for a partner by now.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. And even if she has, Lee hasn’t found her perfect future husband as she tweeted out about the very few requests she received to be her valentine in 2018.

So, just as the title has hinted, Lee Lin Chin is too savage to have a husband and play any role in her non-existent married life.