American Journalist Lea Gabrielle is very loud when delivering news as part of her work but when it comes to her personal life she is quite the opposite. Did she never ever date anyone or is it just that she has managed to keep her private affairs out of the spotlight?

American TV personality Lea Gabrielle is best known through Fox News Channel as she serves as the general assignment reporter cum correspondent for the channel. She is mainly featured in news program Shepard Smith Reporting.

FOX News: Journalist Lea Gabrielle reports about breaking news of the day (Published on Jun 11, 2018)

The Virginia native is also a qualified commercial pilot, having served in the same capacity in the US Navy.

Lea Previously Commanded Salary From US Government As Navy Seal

Previously, she worked as a digital journalist and editor for NBC Nightly News. During the course of her career in TV, she has interviewed various diplomats and political figures in the White House including the POTUS.

Her career in media began as a military reporter for KNSD-TV(NBC 7) after serving as a fighter pilot in the US Navy for 12 years. In the force, she was also an Intelligence Operations Officer having worked in Afghanistan.

Her time as a Navy and latterly as a media person has seen her boost her financial status(read net worth). Adding on to her salary and remuneration from the Navy, and her earning from Fox News, the beautiful journo has been able to garner a net worth of $3 million.

Lea Gabrielle Was Into Army From Young Age

American National Lea Gabrielle Potts was born on 1975 in Virginia. She was born to a father, who served as Navy Jag and is her inspiration to join US Navy.

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She completed her schooling from Mount Vernon High School. She graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from US Naval Academy in 1997. She also attended US Navy Flight School and qualified as a commercial pilot.  She also holds a digital journalism certificate from New York Film Academy.

US Navy: Lea Gabrielle, the fighter pilot for US Navy (Photo: Marie Claire)

Belonging to Army background the stunning TV star boasts a slender frame complemented perfectly by her height of 6 feet. 

Lea Gabrielle Divorced With Army Man Boyfriend Turned Husband

That TV icon despite working in the public eye is very protective of her personal life. Due to her nature of shunning the limelight, not much information is out there about her regarding her love life and dating history. 

Lea was interested in working for the US Navy from a young age. Her interest in the US Navy not only brought her the opportunity to serve as a fighter pilot and Intelligence Operations Officer. Well, it also brought her love.

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Gabrielle was once married to Greg Sutton--a Naval Officer at US Navy. The duo was married in 2004 after a short dating period.

Military Husband: A still of Greg Sutton, Ex-husband of Fox News diva Lea Gabrielle (Photo: Pinterest)

Sadly though, their married life hit the rocks soon after a few years. Despite not having delved into details, what remains known is Lea is not together with her husband now. The couple is thought to have divorced somewhere at the end of the first decade of the millennium.

Is Lea Gabrielle Getting Married Again In 2018?

Having the ignominy of going through a failed marriage, Lea disappeared from the dating scene for a good period of 6 years. However, to the relief of her fans who had had a hard time speculating about her personal affairs, she was back with good news in 2018.

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In 2016, her tweets sparked the air of new romance in her life again. Lea gave the signal that she might be dating someone by tweeting a picture of a pair of earrings, which she explained were given to her by her boyfriend. 

In Relationship Again: Lea tweets about a gift from a possible boyfriend (Photo: Twitter)

Moreover, two years after the gift incident in 2018, she was also found wishing her partner a Happy Valentine's day. Seems like, Lea is finally moving on from her relationship with her previous husband and longing for love again at the age of 43. 

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Well, whoever Lea might be dating, we're pretty sure that he is lucky enough to have found a talented and gorgeous woman like her.