A reporter for Fox 32, Dawn Hasbrouck has used her unique set of skills and talent to stay at the very top. Her reporting and news telling has not gone unnoticed and has helped her win praises as well as award nominations and awards.

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The Chicago native has always kept her priorities before anything else. She never fails to fully complete the required task at hand. For Dawn, it seems, passion has always been the driving force which has seen her climb the long ladder of success and reach to where she currently proudly sits at.

Bio; Age, Height & More

Daw Hasbrouck celebrates her birthday alongside her twin sister on 14th of December. The year of her birth, however, remains undisclosed. 

Similarly, when it comes to information regarding her height, parents and her high school days, little to no information is available out there. However, what is available shows that Dawn has a very close relationship with her parents and her twin sister.

Shared Love: Anchor Dawn Hasbrouck tweets a heartfelt message to her mother via Twitter. (Photo: Dawn's Twitter| 4th December 2017)

Her Instagram and Twitter posts show her expressing her love towards her family.


For over a decade, Dawn Hasbrouck has been showcasing her talents and skills as a reporter/journalist. Her work has seen her be nominated for an Emmy as well as bag a number of awards and accolades themselves.

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Her work in reporting began when she first joined WKYT-TV as a reporter. After which she moved to WTGS where she yet again worked as a reporter. After a brief stint as an anchor at WFSB-TV, Dawn moved back to her home and joined Fox 32 where she has been working ever since.

So when it comes to deducing her salary, it could come out to show that she takes home a hefty chunk of change. The exact figures have not yet been disclosed as of yet but reports from payscale show that the salary of an average Fox anchor is about $66K. And Dawn is not your average anchor/reporter. It is no doubt that she takes home an amount that is well above the average number.

Married, Husband, Children

Dawn has always been shy when it comes to showing off her personal life to the public. Little to no information is available about her personal life. So when it comes to relationships and marriage, the situation is no different.

Whether or not Dawn is/was married cannot be confirmed but what can be confirmed is that she is a proud mother to two beautiful children.

Funny Children: Anchor Dawn recalls a funny moment on set which included her two boys (Photo: Dawn's Facebook | August 23, 2018)

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As for the father of said children, Dawn has never spoken about him nor has she posted any pictures of him (her husband). So the identity of this mystery man is something we all might have to wait for.