Natalie Bomke is extraordinaire when it comes to her work. Passionate, dedicated, immersed and diligent, Bomke has been showcasing her talent in the world of anchoring for a long period of time.

Currently working as an anchor and a reporter for FOX 32, Natalie shows no compromises when it comes to work. Regardless of any downs, she finds a way to get past the downs and completes the task at hand. Her work has seen her be nominated for a number of awards most notably the 2013-2014 Emmy awards. It surely only is a matter of time before she will get her hand on the coveted award.

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Curious About Natalie Bomke’s Bio? More Info Below

Natalie celebrates her birthday on the 29th of January every year. But the year of her birth is something to debate about. Various reports suggest she was born in the year 1983 but cannot be confirmed as of yet. So guessing her age is a difficult task. As for her height, information remains clouded to the public.

Natalie, despite being a well-known personality has kept most her personal life to herself. Not much information is available about her early days and her family life as well.

However, what we can be sure of is that she has a very healthy relationship with her parents. She can be seen posting heartwarming messages to her parents and occasionally can be seen spending quality time with them.

Family Love: Anchor Natalie shares a photo of her enjoying a vacation with her family (Photo: Natalie's Instagram | August 13, 2018)

When it comes to education, Natalie is a graduate from the University of Illinois with a degree in Journalism. As for her high school days, she has not yet revealed information relating to that topic.

Here Is How Much Natalie Bomke Earns As Salary

Natalie Bomke is not your average everyday anchor/reporter. Her passion for her work can be vividly seen going through her career history. She first started her journalism career as a reporter for WICD-TV and later with WICS-TV.

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From there she moved to Fox 40 Live Morning News where she worked as a co-anchor. After which she shifted to Fox 26 Morning News in Houston, Texas. As of now, she works as a reporter/anchor for Fox 32  at Chicago, Illinois and is very good at what she does.

So when it comes to her salary, seeing a figure in high numbers could be of no surprise. The exact numbers regarding her salary have not yet been disclosed but as per reports of payscale, the average salary of a news anchor in Chicago is $98,870. A pretty high number for an average salary. For a prominent figure like Natalie, the salary number is sure to be higher than average.

Natalie Bomke Is Married & Enjoying Every Moment Of It

Yes, you read that right! Natalie Bomke is married and is enjoying every moment of it. As for who is this heartthrob that stole Natalie’s heart, it is no other than Ed Swiderski most notable for winning the heart of Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris in 2009. Ed and Jillian were set to get married when news of Ed’s past cheatings surfaced which caused their engagement to be called off.

As for Ed’s relationship with Natalie, the pair started a healthy relationship which resulted in them going public with the news of their engagement in 2015. The pair tied the knot in the same year and from the looks of it, they are enjoying a beautiful and happy married life together which is quite evident on her Instagram.

A look at Natalie’s social media posts suggests that she spends quality time with her hubby. Likewise, through her Instagram, we came to know that the couple completed their three years wedding anniversary. She posted a beautiful picture of her and her husband both in their wedding attire and with a caption that read

“ Happy Anniversary Ted! Three years into eternity and i’m still okay with that”.

Happy Life: On the occasion of their wedding anniversary, Natalie shares a beautiful picture of her alongside her husband Ed. (Photo: Natalie's Instagram| July 25, 2018)

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Love is very much well and alive between Natalie and Ed.