Doing what she loves with utmost enthusiasm; Britta Merwin is an Emmy nominated American Meteorologist. She is best known as a meteorologist for NBC affiliated KPRC 2 based in Houston.

Adding to her credibility, she holds a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal from the American Meteorological Society.

KPRC Meteorologist: Britta Merwin forecasts weather and tracks Hurricane Harvey (Photo: YouTube| 6 April 2018)

Prior to her current position, she worked as a meteorologist for several other channels of NBC Weather Plus Network including CNBC, MSNBC, CNBC World, Nightly News, KCRA and many more.

Britta Merwin Bio (Age & Birthday)

The Texan Native was born in 1984 and celebrates her birthday every year on 19 February. She grew up in Colorado with her military family. Her father was a retired colonel of United States Air Force (USAF).

At a tender age of 8, Britta knew what she wanted to be when a local meteorologist visited her school. She credits the dramatic Colorado weather as well for driving her passion for meteorology.

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But before starting her journey as a meteorologist, the shy Britta was engaged in modeling which never went to heights. But her agents always commented stating that she was made for the TV.

On the pursuit of her career aspirations, she joined Stony Brook University and graduated with Cum Laude Honors in Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences-Meteorology. After graduating she gained more confidence in herself.

Meteorologist Britta Merwin’s Career Revolves Around NBC Network

The aspiring meteorologist with a height of 5’8 inches started her career in the television news industry and soon went onto become a staple weather forecaster for NBC. She has served as a meteorologist for NBC Weather Plus, CNBC’S Squak Box, Nightly News, MSNBC.

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Through her time at NBC, she has covered a diverse spectrum of weather as a forecaster for California based KCRA to San Diego based KNSD to Houston based KPRC 2 where she is currently serving.

Find Out Why Veteran’s Day Is Special For Britta Merwin

Veteran’s Day is important in Britta’s family as it’s not only her father, it’s her husband as well who is a veteran.

My Former Lieutenant Husband: Britta Merwin shares a throwback picture with her husband on their wedding day (Photo: Britta Merwin's Facebook| 11 November 2015)

She is happily married to her husband named Kevin who is the former lieutenant of the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The sacred bond of love between the two embarked when her husband proposed her in October of 2010. Since then they’ve been together.

Britta Merwin -- A Loving Wife & Mom Of Two

Flashback to the time when she was 8 and a meteorologist visited her school; she became so inspired that she wrote a letter to her mother. And in that letter, she wrote: I want to be a meteorologist and a MOMMY when I grow up.

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Guess what, she is now a mommy of two adorable sons Jackson and Henry. 

Mommy To Two: Britta Merwin shares a picture of her sons on Twitter (Photo: Britta Merwin's Twitter)

Her small son Henry was diagnosed with Autism. But worry not! Britta, a loving mom, has mastered the ways of raising a child with autism the right way. Kudos, to Britta for juggling her work life and family life like a pro!