For the talented and gorgeous American Journalist, Athena Jones success has been a constant in her life when it comes to her career in the news network. As much as we hear about her career accomplishments, her personal life is a complete contrast with even whispers about it a premium!

The American national is a news journalist and producer best known for the production of NBC News Special: The Inauguration of Barack Obama (2009), Inside the Obama White House (2009) and Anderson Cooper 360°(2003). Moreover, she is currently associated with CNN and serves as the national correspondent for CNN New York.

CNN News: Athena Jones reports news on President Trump as a White House Correspondent for CNN (Published on 1 May 2017)

Prior to her current position, she also served as the CNN White House Correspondent covering all the news for the network related to President Trump and the administration.

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She was the former White House producer for NBC and reported news on air for NBC and MSNBC.

Athena Jones Bio: Age, Height, Parents & More

Born on July 6, 1977, Athena Jones birthplace is Boston but she grew up with her parents mostly in Louisiana and Texas. She regards her parents and teachers as her biggest motivation. She, however, had to do away with one of her motivation after losing her mother in 2013, a loss she laments even to this day. 

Mother's Day: Athena Jones tweets about beloved late mother (Photo: Athena Jone's Twitter)

Her mother's loss has been supplemented by her father, who is a judge. 

Her motivators, parents, and teacher must be proud of her as the talented journalist graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a major in Government and later pursued her Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

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Besides the major degrees, she also studied Spanish language, literature, arts and European politics at the University of Madrid.  Later, she also pursued Islamic Studies at the American Research Center in Cairo, with Duke University.

Athena Jones Journey To CNN--Even Breast Cancer Couldn't Stop Her From Doing What She Loves

Before she became a part of CNN, she worked as a reporter for Reuters based in Buenos Aires from 2001 to 2003. Then she joined NBC news network as a White House Correspondent. During her time in NBC, she covered the presidential campaigns of Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle.

After working with various news networks and gaining several experiences, she embarked her journey in CNN as a general assignment reporter and since then has been successful in upgrading her career status. She showcased her dedication for her work by working with CNN at the same pace and enthusiasm even after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She is in good health in the current days.

Salute to her for going strong despite her diagnosis!

 Athena Jones Net Worth & Salary Revealed

Having a strong educational background and an enthusiasm for what she does has surely brought Jones with wonderful opportunities in her career. She has a strong presence and a handful of experiences in the news network which has definitely helped her earn a fortune which adds up to her net worth.

As a CNN correspondent, her salary is surely more than the average $53,208 annual salary for a correspondent. As a chequered name and a long history of journalism behind her, surely earns a salary more than that. 

Athena Jones Married Life--Who Is Her Husband? 

Jones has always been active on the news media and leads a successful career. She is on the news for her great work and several accomplishments but when it comes to her personal life it seems to take a backseat.

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While we would absolutely love to peek into the love life and know if she is married or has a husband or not but this gorgeous and talented woman doesn’t seem to leave any traces of hints to kill our curiosity.

It seems like her love life is going to remain a mystery for us!