“It’s very important for people to know you can be gay and do anything you want to in the world”, was once quoted by CNN Correspondent and award-winning journalist Miguel Marquez. Who is the boyfriend of the 51-year-old gay journalist?  It has been a subject of curiosity from so long.

The Santa Rosa, New Mexico native is an American Broadcast journalist based in New York. He also runs a gay bar in America called the Hunker Down Gay Bar. The CNN correspondent has always been open about his sex; he belongs to the LGBT community and openly supports Gay marriage, their rights and equality. He is also a member of National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. He has covered a lot of riots and protests from Iraq, Baghdad, Egypt, and Bahrain, to name a few. He had even been beaten in the crowd of protestors while covering protests in Bahrain for ABC in 2011.

Miguel Marquez's Height & Family

Born in 1967, Miguel's tall height adds to his personality as a Television figure. He holds a B.A degree in Political Science from The University of New Mexico and an M.A degree in International Affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. He grew up with his family in the small town of Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

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He Joined CNN Twice In His Career 

At the beginning of his career, Miguel was working in Washington D.C. as a legislative assistant for Bill Richardson, a US representative from New Mexico. Later, he wanted to become a Television News Anchor and started his journalism career as a desk assistant at CBS News. His first reporting job was at WNBC in New York and gradually he became the reporter at KSAZ Fox 10 from November 1999.

After 3 years of reporting at KSAZ, he joined CNN initially in April 2003, as an anchor for CNN Headline News based in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta and later in February 2012  in the Los Angeles Bureau, where he covered several big stories both domestically and internationally. In 2005, he had joined ABC News and worked there for 6.5 years in London.

What Is Miguel Marquez Salary & Net Worth?

We can imagine how much Miguel must be making from his work, having a well-recognized reputation as a journalist from America’s one of the best Channel CNN. The nearly two-decade-long career in journalism has earned Miguel Marquez lots of fame and respect. He is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and is recognized as a fearless gay journalist. He received a Golden Nymph Award in 2016 on behalf of CNN at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Likewise, he was nominated for an Emmy award for his part in ABC's reporting on the US targeted killing of Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq.

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This Is Why Miguel Marquez Came Out As Gay

Although Miguel says it is a weirdly intimate business about one’s sexual orientation, he has opened up about his sexuality honestly. According to him, being honest is the most important aspect of journalism and one has to be honest in his/her not only his profession but also in his life. That's why he came out as a gay man even before he entered television news.

Find If Miguel Marquez Is Married Or Has Boyfriend In 2018

Given the fact that Miguel Marquez is already 51 and an avid supporter of gay marriage, anyone would jump to the conclusion that he must have gotten married.

Gay Marriage Legalized: Miguel shows his support and happiness for gay marriage in 2015(Photo: Miguel Marquez twitter)

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However, Marquez has remained mum about his dating life. According to him, intimate details about one's life should be kept private.