Ashton Casey, more commonly known as Ashnikko, is quickly becoming a popular name in the music industry, thanks to her signature vivid blue hair and unique street-style appearance. 

Not only that, but the rapper's captivating beats, creative rhymes, and songs that include subjects such as feminism and identity orientation have helped her gain millions of followers in a short time. 

However, this has also led to many questions related to her orientation, such as,

Is Ashnikko gay?

When Ashnikko launched her mixtape ‘Demidevil’ in January 2021, it was widely appreciated and loved by the audience. 

However, the one song on the album that truly emphasizes the record's queer victory is ‘Slumber Party,’ featuring Princess Nokia.


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In conversation with Gay Times, Ashnikko outed that she was a super closeted queer woman who had limited opportunities to be honest with herself. Growing up in a small Southern town, she believed that there was something wrong with her. 

This Pride Month, we’ve brought you the coming-out story of the fan-favorite blue-haired queen, Ashnikko.

The Internet Helped Ashnikko Come Out 

The rap star grew up in a conservative community in North Carolina, where she was always aware that her liberal values clashed with those of her "patriarchal" family. Her family was not particularly welcoming of LGBTQ+ rights or feminism back then. 

In a 2020 interview with Gay Times, Ashnikko revealed she had been different since childhood. “Why do I like all my friends and why am I so jealous of my friend when she gets a boyfriend? Like, so jealous?” she often questioned.


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The internet, notably Tumblr, was essential in Ashnikko's coming to terms with her orientation.

After that, the artist was completely honest with herself and about her feelings for girls. Yet, she didn't come out until a few years ago. The ‘Slumber Party’ singer noted she was a little disappointed in herself for taking so long to come out and accept herself. 

“Tumblr was my saving grace. For me it was like, this is amazing! Finally!” she added.

Santana Lopez on 'Glee' Helped Her Come to Terms

Ashnikko also acknowledged Naya Rivera's iconic portrayal of lesbian cheerleader Santana Lopez on Glee with assisting her in coming to terms with her orientation.

Unfortunately, Rivera tragically drowned in Lake Piru, California, in 2020. Ashnikko recalled she was the first LGBT lady she had ever seen on television as a kid.


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According to Ashnikko, she didn't realize how deeply it had affected her until Rivera died.

For her, it seemed as if an elder sister had passed away. She revealed that Rivera's character, Lopez, gradually helped her family move away from their conservative views. Of course, that included some Glee binge-watching.  

And now, the artist's family completely backs her and her artistic endeavors. 

However, she explained that her extended family still thinks of her as a “heathen” relative and is ashamed of her and her work. 

According to Ashnikko, her upbringing made her vocal and a little more rebellious. “I was rebelling against my family,” she said.

Ashnikko Publicly Came Out as Bi in 2019

In July 2019, the rap icon first came out as bisexual right before Pride London ended.

She took to Twitter and revealed that it was the first year that she had been truly honest with herself about her identity. 

In the following tweet, Ashnikko stated she discovered that she was fully normal once she came out of a small town and was embraced by London's most beautiful LGBTIQ+ community.

Then in May 2021, Ashnikko came out as pansexual on Twitter while she was being criticized for fetishizing transgender people because of her song. 

The 25-year-old artist clarified she wasn’t ready to tell the world about it until then.

However, since everyone was dissecting her orientation and gender identity, she thought it was a suitable moment to come out.