American television personality, Whitney Way Thore having gone through broken and devastating relationships proved her willingness to stand up as a strong-minded woman.

Whitney Way Thore is best known for appearing on the TLC network’s television show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The series follows the life of Whitney who is determined to lose weight throughout the series.  

Weight Loss Isn’t Important: Whitney Thore talks about her advocacy of body positivity with Megyn Kelly in TODAY (Published on 7 March 2018)

Whitney has achieved national recognition for her online campaign that promotes positive body image, No Body Shame.

Whitney Thore’s Bio: Age, Height & Education

Whitney Way Thore was born on 14 April 1984 in Greensboro, North Carolina to parents, Glenn and Barbara Thore. She has got an older brother named Hunter, who resides in New York City.

The 34-year-old activist was accepted into the Theatre Summer Enrichment Program at the Governor’s School of North Carolina of Meredith College in 2000.

She graduated from Page High School in 2002 and attended Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina where she majored in Theatre.

Standing at the height of 5’2, Whitney decided to relocate to South Korea with the intention to teach English to schoolchildren after graduating.

Whitney's Massive Net Worth & Rising Fame

Whitney returned to the US and became the on-air producer of Jared & Katie in the Morning on a major radio station in Greensboro. Jared & Katie in the Morning uploaded a video entitled, ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’ in February 2014 on YouTube that has gone viral with over 10 Million views to date.

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After the video spread like wildfire, Whitney was featured on numerous media outlets like ABC News, NBC’s Today Show, and The Huffington Post that allowed her to promote her message of body acceptance through a broader platform.

Whitney has her show on TLC called My Big Fat Fabulous Life that premiered its first season in January 2015 and has aired five seasons as of 2018.

With that, the television personality has earned a considerable amount of money from her show and blog. According to sources, Whitney has got an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Meet Whitney’s Family: More Than Supportive Ones

People who watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life will know about Whitney’s family and how much they support Whitney with her show and career.

Her family is not hesitant to open up about their identity and often make appearances on the show.

They fully support Whitney and her No Body Shame campaign. It wouldn’t be a surprise to let you know that her family has gained quite a fan base, especially her father, Glenn and mother, Barbara aka Babs.

Bright Smiles: Whitney posts a picture with her family on Instagram wishing her father a happy birthday on 11 February 2018 (Photo: Whitney Thore’s Instagram)

Whitney’s parents have gained fans through their hilarious comments on her personal life. They’ve received much love and admiration from many fans for helping Whitney with her weight-loss.

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As fans developed more interest in Whitney’s parents, her brother’s career was also revealed. And it was known that her brother Hunter isn’t just a reality star, but a guitarist in the metal band, Plague of Jackals.   

Through his social media sites, there’s no doubt that Hunter shows lots of affection for her sister and isn’t hesitant to share moments he spends with her.

Whitney on the other side has also mentioned in many of her interviews about how lucky she is to have her family’s support and love with everything she goes through.

Whitney Expecting Baby? Boyfriend Lennie Alehat Not Happy With News

Whitney slipped the information of her being pregnant in the season four of the show My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

At that time, she had just broken up with ex-boyfriend, Lennie Alehat when she gained positive results from three pregnancy tests. Well, Lennie wasn’t expecting such big news.

Being too nervous that Lennie would not take the responsibility of a father, Whitney was relieved to learn that Lennie would be there for the baby, even though the two had no intention of getting back together.

But it turned out as a false alarm when Whitney went to see a gynecologist and found out that she was never pregnant.

Whitney was a bit blue after finding out that she wasn’t pregnant and she told PEOPLE,

Even though the doctor said that I was never pregnant, I thought that I was. So to find out that I wasn’t, after a week of thinking that I was, it felt like a loss, and I grieved it like a loss.

She also confessed that she felt awful when the episode was aired; however, the news gave hope to a viewer having a polycystic ovarian syndrome about her possibility of getting pregnant.

Whitney's Experience of Dating Engaged Man Avi Lang

It was devastating news for Whitney when she found out that she was dating an engaged guy named Avi Lang. Season 4 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life shared a major happening in Whitney’s life.

Whitney had been dating Avi Lang for six months after meeting online. And she never doubted Avi’s hesitation to appear in the show as he always had his face blurred.

But in January 2018, it was revealed that Avi was cheating on his fiance, Nada Louis with Whitney. Furious and kind of relieved that they got rid of the shady man from their lives, Nada and Whitney maintained a bond as two strong women.

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Women Power: Nada Louis posts a collage picture of two with her fiance and the other two of Whitney and Avi on Instagram on 11 January 2018 (Photo: Nada Louis' Instagram)

At first, Whitney found it hard to digest everything she was confronted with and was heartbroken. But she stood up and even created a support group of over twenty women to help Avi’s exes with their heartbreak as well.

After the break up with the womanizer, Whitney hasn't been involved in any romantic affairs and is more concentrated on her weight-loss and showing off he family on social media sites.