American gun rights activist Wayne LaPierre showered himself with fortune by succeeding in his professional field. And his wife wasn't the one to step back and watch as she took a leap and landed into the arms of her own successful career wealth.

Wayne LaPierre is the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association who is known for supporting longer sentences for gun crimes and the suppressing violent video-games.

Leading To Backlash: Wayne LaPierre speaks at CPAC after school shooting as he warns of the government overreach extending beyond the limiting of firearms (Published on 22 February 2018)

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Despite a draft number that marked him in the 'most likely to be drafter' category in 1970, Wayne avoided military service during the Vietnam War.

Wayne LaPierre Received High Education Leading To High Position In NRA

The eldest child of the family, Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr. was born on 8 November 1949 to Hazel Gordon and Wayne Robert LaPierre, Sr. He moved to Roanoke, Virginia with his family at the age of five and was raised in the Roman Catholic church.

As a recipient of very high education, Wayne has been a government activist and lobbyist since getting his master’s degree in government and politics that include positions on the board of directors of the American Association of Political Consultants, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the American Conservative Union.

Wayne, age 69, has served as executive vice president and chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association since 1991. He has even called for the presence of trained, qualified armed school security personnel at schools.

Wayne LaPierre’s Wife Doesn't Back Down From Husband In Profession 

The gun rights activist may not be talking much on his wife, Susan LaPierre, but she equally invests herself in the matter of gun access and rights in the US. Not lacking behind her husband, Susan is the co-chair of the NRA’s Women’s Leadership Forum who firmly believes in the Second Amendment.  

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There’s no doubt that Wayne is more than proud of his wife for being a strong advocate of diversity for the organization’s women’s forum. While his wife receives criticisms from the time when NRA glorified the possession of weaponry, she has continued to lead the purpose of the organization.

Pretty Faces: Wayne and his wife, Susan smile for the camera while attending an event (Photo: Bustle | 3 May 2018)

Wayne may be living a serene life with his wife, but he is also known to have been divorced once. While there’s no detail disclosed on his first wife, the divorce was put in act around 1995.

Anyway, Wayne doesn’t have children as well, and it’s a surprise, considering that he has been married to his wife for a long time and has reached the age of 69 already.

But oh well, at least he is relishing a life of luxury with his wife.

What Is Wayne LaPierre’s Salary While Net Worth Exceeds Millions? 

According to reliable sources, Wayne LaPierre carries an estimated net worth of $10 million. Taking the role of the executive vice president of the NRA, he earns an annual salary of $985,000 and a bonus of around $150,000.

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Wayne’s earnings from the NRA have gone as high as $5 million, alongside royalties from book sales and engagements as a paid speaker. Since he has steadily led the organization to grow revenue and membership, his salary has increased accordingly.

But it will surprise you to learn that Wayne is not the highest paid person in the NRA. The title has gone to the executive director of general operations, Kayne B. Robinson who earns a bit more than $1 million in base salary and embraces a net worth of $810 million.

Anyway, Wayne must be quite content with his fortune, and there’s no doubt that he lives in a house filled with luxury and comfort with his wife who surely earns a massive amount of salary as well.