American actress Tristin Mays magnificently earned ample amount of success and recognition with her beauty and talent alongside a caring companion who she has loved like a husband.

Tristin Mays is mostly famous for her childhood roles as Robin Dixon and Shaina in the ABC series Alias and the Nickelodeon show Gullah Gullah Island respectively.

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The native American Tristin, who currently stars in the reboot of the 2016 CBS TV series MacGyver as Riley Davis.

Tristin Mays’ Short Bio: Body Measurements & Plastic Surgery Rumor

Tristin Mays, who belongs to Creole (African, French, and Native American) ethnicity, was born to parents Viveca and Michael Mays on 10 June 1990 in New Orleans, LA.

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She is an actress, model and a singer by profession who is best most famous As Riley Davis in MacGyver. She has an older brother Jeryn who is also an actor.

She is a beautiful woman with majestic body measurements. She weighs 118 pounds (54 kg) and stands at the height of 5 feet 4.5 inches (164 cm), and also has a magnificent 35-24-35 inches body.

Unquestionably, Tristin is a gorgeous actress; however, she was also rumored to have plastic surgery when she did a photo-shoot back in 2013. One of the fans suspected that she had a good deal of plastic surgery on her face, especially on chin and nose as she was looking different from her usual look.

Tristin Mays' Words Against Animal Abuse

On 17 September 2018, Tristin posted an Instagram post showing awareness to the cruelty and abuse surrounding China's dog meat trade. The caption stood up against all the fur animals abuse and inhumane killing of farm animals.

Tristin unhesitantly spoke up and called out people who abuse any animal. She mainly talked about the tradition of China that believes the more fear and pain the dogs suffer before killing them, the better the meat tastes.

Following the description of the tradition, Tristin criticized the very existence of such a sour tradition and trend that started in 2010. She also added about the petty behavior of people who actually stole/kidnapped dogs from people's properties and yards. 

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Tristin also gave a shout out to Plush Bears Dogs Rescue who put in exhausting efforts in rescuing animals every day. She also asked her followers to donate to the campaign so they would be able to run their overflowing rescue shelter and concluded the caption of the post with the plea of stopping animal abuse.

Who is Tristin May’s Husband-Like Boyfriend?

The rising Hollywood star Tristin, 27, has won the heart of millions of fans with her mesmerizing beauty and acting skills and is getting more popular day by day.

Similar to her career, the actress is equally blessed with love in her life in the form of DeAndre Yeldin, an American professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Newcastle United and the United States national team.

The couple first met in June 2015. They both shared the first picture of them together on 29 June 2015 on their Instagram. After that, Tristin’s boyfriend was frequently spotted in her Social media.

On July 2015, she shared a picture of her watching DE Andre’s boyfriend’s football match on her Instagram wearing a football jersey of his name. And again in September, she went to watch his game and shared a picture of her on her Instagram with a caption: “Game doesn't start for about 20 more minutes but I'm still looking for bae @yedlinny”

Similarly, her boyfriend posted another photo with her on 19 October 2015. He seems close to Tristin's family as well, as he was seen spending some good time with them back in July 2016. 

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They probably lived in a long distance relationship as Tristin had to go different places for her shooting and DeAndre had to be in the field to play his football matches. However, that didn’t affect their relationship.

Back in June 2017, she revealed that her beau made her birthday so special all the way from Mexico and also thanked him by sharing a picture of her standing in front of his poster with the caption that read: “He made my day so special all the way from Mexico. Thank you @yedlinny. And thank you @johnny1vegas!”

The soccer professional also showed his skills off the field back on June 23 sharing a picture of the two enjoying each other’s company on his Twitter.

Boyfriend Alert: Tristin May and her boyfriend DeAndre Yedlin enjoying together (Photo: DeAndre Yedlin’s Twitter)

As of now, they are not seen much together on social media, but there is no doubt that they are still in a romantic relationship. Just recently on 27 April 2018, when Tristin was asked who is her favorite soccer player, she replied its DeAndre always.

The 27-years-old TV actress has not revealed anything regarding their engagement or their plans on getting married till now, but they are undoubtedly planning on the matter.