Being the child of a celebrity has its ups as well as it’s fair share of downs. For Tommy Zizzo, having a celebrity mother seemed only to have it’s up. It is what shot him into the spotlight.

His mother Erika Girardi is a renowned personality in the world of entertainment. So when news broke out about her young son, Girardi fan’s were very eager to know about Tommy Zizzo.

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Despite his mother’s fame, Tommy has always chosen to remain out of the spotlight. His mother, from an early age, has kept her son’s personal life away from the public eye. Along with that, she has cited that his profession is one of the reasons why Tommy chooses to remain private of his life.

Let Us Find Out More About Tommy Zizzo. Age, Height & Bio Below

He was born in the year 1993. Being born in America, Tommy holds American nationality. The exact details regarding his date of birth remain undisclosed. Moreover, any further details regarding Tommy’s height and weight remain under the rocks because his mother has always been reluctant and protective about her son’s personal life. Only a hint of Tommy’s life has ever been disclosed to the public.

Who Are Tommy Parents? Step-Father On The Cards?

Being born to celebrity parents could be the dream of many children because the perks of having a famous personality as a parent are unlimited. But for Tommy, it was not something that played a huge role in his life.

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Tommy Zizzo’s mother is Erika Girardi. She is a famous American actress, singer, author and a television personality with a net worth of $5 million. His father is Thomas Zizzo. Tommy’s parents got divorced when he was only 18 months old and his mother raised him on her own until she got married to LA attorney Thomas Girardi in 1999. He currently lives with his mother and his step-father.

You Will Be Surprised To Know What Tommy Zizzo Does For A Living

As a child of a celebrity, many children have the dream to follow their parent's footsteps and become a celebrity themselves. But for Tommy Zizzo, he had his eyes set on a different job.

Tommy Zizzo is a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. He previously worked as an explorer in the Jersey City Police Activity League Official and later graduated from the L.A.P.D academy. In 11th November 2014, he was congratulated by the Jersey City P.A.L for his graduation from the L.A.P.D academy via a tweet.

Proud Moment: Jersey City P.A.L congratulating Tommy Zizzo on his graduation from the LAPD academy. (Photo:

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As per Tommy mothers, being in the law enforcement has always been Tommy’s dream from an early age and that she has always supported his decision even though it has been difficult to accept it at times as a parent. But she has full faith in her son and is proud to know that her son is doing his part for the security of his nation.