The new Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier features Wyatt Russell as John Walker, the all-new Captain America. Russell portrays one of the primary characters in the series, headlined by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

In one of his interviews with Variety, the actor revealed he is aesthetically different from Steve Rogers’ Captain America, played by Chris Evans, and that the personalities of the two characters are poles apart. 

Not Steve Rogers 2.0

In his March 31, 2021 interview with Variety, the Overlord actor revealed many secrets from the sets of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Starting from the beginning, the actor mentioned when he came into the auditions; he was utterly oblivious of the part he was auditioning for.

Only after he had booked the role that Marvel Studios revealed to him about being cast as John Walker, the person who steps into Captain America’s shoes after Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) turns it down.

Talking about his first reaction upon finding out his role, the actor disclosed that he initially had doubts about it.

He said:

My first reaction was like, ‘Ewwohhh, I don’t know if I’m your guy to do that’… I kind of had some doubts.

Elaborating more on why he did not want to take up the role, the actor mentioned he preferred to play roles that were new. Further explaining, the actor expressed he wasn't initially keen on taking on the 'Steve Rogers 2.0' part.

However, this exact feeling made Russell connect with Walker, as according to the series, that’s precisely how the new Cap feels. And it was then that the actor decided his character would be a good fit for him.

Rogers VS Walker

When the host asked Russell how John Walker differs from Steve Rogers, the actor mentioned that because the two exist in different eras, there are many differences in how they think and function.

In the inception, Steve Rogers had problems like “How do I be me and deal with the U.S. government?” and given the times, what Captain America did had a mystery attached to it.

But with John Walker, the modern era has its PR aspects, and he is expected to run errands for the country, and the way he gets his work done differs slightly from how Rogers would prefer.

Russell is a Father

The Lodge 49 actor met his wife Meredith Hagner on the set of his movie Folk Hero & Funny Guy in 2016. Soon after, the couple began dating and finally tied the knot in September 2019. 

Recently, the couple welcomed a baby boy whom they named Buddy Prince Russell. 

On March 12, Hagner shared beautiful pictures of the couple in their van, dubbed Carnella, where she revealed she spent most of her pregnancy.