American technology executive Susan Wojcicki's life attracted bliss in both professional and personal aspects with supportive family and hefty net worth.

The California native is mostly known to be the 16th employee of Google. She came into the radar of limelight after being the CEO of worldwide famous video sharing company, YouTube in 2014.

Susan's VidCon Talk: Susan Wojcicki talks about how Youtube's, and overall online spaces' growth, in a VidCon talk (Published on 24 June 2016)

With successful accomplishments, Susan ranks 41 on the Forbes list of America's Self-Made Women currently.

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Susan Wojcicki's Bio: Family & Sisters

Susan was born on 5 July 1968 in Santa Clara County, California to a well-educated family. Her father, Stanley was a physics professor at Stanford University while her mother Esther was a teacher and a journalist.

Born to a family of five, Susan has two older sisters named Janet and Anne. Janet is an anthropologist and epidemiologist while Anne is the founder and CEO of biotechnology company 23andMe. Anne was married to Google founder Sergey Brin before the two divorced and she moved on with Alex Rodriguez.

Gushing about Susan's educational life, she had first planned on getting a degree in economics and pursuing academia. So, she graduated in history and literature from the Harvard University in 1990. However, with the sway of time, she got interested in technology.

That's why she enrolled in the UCLA Anderson School of Management and earned her degree of Masters in Business Administration in 1998.

From First Landlady Of Google To CEO Of Youtube, Susan's Career Journey

After pursuing education, Susan initiated her career via marketing at Intel in Californa. She also served as a consultant at Bain & Company and R.B. Webber & Company

In September 1998, the founder of Google, Larry Page and rented Susan's garage of her Californian small house to build up their first Google office. Subsequently, Susan started working with the company in 1999 and promoted initial viral marketing programs and the first Google Doodles.

She also contributed to developing the Google Images and Google Books. Eventually, she became the vice president of Google's Advertising & Commerce, and find out that the YouTube, then a small company, was successfully competing to Google's Google Video service.

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To utilize the budding YouTube, Susan purposed to buy the company. Under her supervision, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. After working for eight years, she ultimately became the CEO of YouTube and started nurturing the company in February 2014.

Hefty Net Worth Of 'Most Powerful Woman'

With evident sky soaring success of Google and YouTube,  it is no surprise that Susan enjoys a vast net worth. As per the research of 2015, she had the net worth that was estimated to be $400 million. 

Although her exact salary has not been revealed, it is likely that her net worth has increased in comparison to the 2015's data. Not only has Susan earned a fortune but also equal fame and recognition from her work and dedication.

She was once titled as “the most powerful woman on the Internet” by Times. Interestingly, Susan also ended in the sixth rank of Forbes list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2017. 

Susan Wojcicki's Philanthropy & Advocacy

Susan and her husband run a charity Troper Wojcicki Foundation, through which they donate over one and a half million dollars every year, mostly on education and the Jewish community. Susan's sister also contributes to the cause through her own Anne Wojcicki Foundation.

Apart from the philanthropy, Susan is also vocal about various social issues plaguing the society including but not limited to paid family leave, the plight of Syria and the people displaced by the war there, and the gender discrimination in workplaces, especially in the tech companies.

She also promotes the young girls to be interested in technology.

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Susan Wojcicki's Succesful Married Life: 20 Years Of Togetherness & 5 Children

While Susan's career is hand-full of success, her personal life also holds the same bliss as she is happily married to Google executive husband Dennis Troper since 1998.

Susan & The Family: Susan Wojcicki and her husband, Dennis Troper, along with her sister Anne Wojcicki and her husband (Photo:

Susan and Dennis together are parents to their five children. However, they have kept the details of their children away from the limelight. Nevertheless, it is clear that Susan has her children to share her hefty net worth and replenish her life with them.