From Barrack Obama to Prince Charles, Beyonce to Jon Bon Jovi, famous band Eagles to famous hacker Julian Assange, Steve Kroft has seen them all, met them all and interviewed them during his 25-years long career as the correspondent to CBC show 60 minutes.

For Steve Kroft, age 72, it’s been a routine to sit up with people and ask people about their life, delve into details and search the truth. His investigative and systematic reporting has garnered him much acclaim, and also numerous honors including Peabody Awards and even a lifetime achievement award from Emmy’s even though he is still going strong.

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Steve has won three Peabody Awards and nine Emmy awards, one of which is an Emmy for Lifetime Achievement. 

Steve Kroft’s Family Life: Married To Wife Jennet Conant

Steve Kroft got married to Jennet Conant in 1991, and the couple shares a son.

Family Bound: Steve Kroft pictured with his wife Jennet Conant (Photo: US Weekly)

But their marriage hit the rocks after it was reported by The National Enquirer in 2015, that Steve had an extramarital affair with lawyer Lisan Goines, a married Manhattan lawyer, who is a graduate of Columbia Law School. They added that the couple first met in a bar in Manhattan in 2011 and continued to meet for about three more years.

This issue garnered the attention of the whole nation because back in 1992, Steve grilled 42nd US President Bill Clinton for his extramarital affairs. Clinton's presidential campaign then faced the biggest frenzy after allegations of his extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers; an Arkansas state employee hit the media.

But now, Steve had to answer the tough question as he too faced the similar kind of allegation. However, he confronted the media and made a public apology. Steve accepted that he had an extramarital affair, and had extremely hurt his wife and family.

He further added he and his wife were committed to each other and would resolve the matter privately.

Know About Steve Kroft's Bio: His Journey To 60 Minutes!

Steve Kroft, was born on 22 August 1945 in Kokomo, Indiana, United States. Born as Stephen F. Kroft, he was the only child of father Fred Kroft and mother Margaret Kroft.

He attended Syracuse University where he completed his bachelor degree in 1967.

However, Steve's education stopped after his graduation as he got enlisted in the army during the Vietnam War in 1965. Having a proper height of 1.80m (5’10”) helped him gain easy enlistment in the army, and he served in the information office of the 25th infantry division.

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He had been drafted into the United States Army and served in the Vietnam War and won several Army journalism awards for his work.

After serving six years in the army, he left the army in 1971 and started working in local television network WSYR-TV.

After working there for two years, he admitted himself to Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and graduated with a masters degree in 1975. 

Later, he moved to Florida after graduation, he worked for two stations owned by the Washington Post Company. Later, he moved to WPLG-TV in Miami where his work came to the attention of CBS News in 1977. 

After a lot of hard work and dedication in local TV channels, he finally landed his first stint in CBS as north-west bureau correspondent in 1980. After a year, he was promoted to Dallas bureau and three years later, was again promoted to the post of foreign correspondent in London.

In 1989, he got his dream job as the correspondent in the show 60 minutes, the post he still holds till now.

Steve Kroft's Net Worth In Millions!

Steve Kroft who has enjoyed a lot of highs and lows in his career, has earned over $16 million as a net worth.

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Moreover, He enjoys a hefty salary of $3 Million to support his net worth.