American television personality Sade Baderinwa was rumored to be dating the then-Baltimore Governer boyfriend in her mid-thirties.

The native of Baltimore, Maryland is famous as a news anchor for the ABC-affiliated WABC Channel 7 in New York. She currently anchors the weekday 5 p.m. editions of Eyewitness News alongside Diana Williams and the 11 pm news with Bill Ritter.

On Professional Responsibility: Sade Baderinwa reports from the New York for WABC Channel 7 (Published on 28 March 2018)

Sade was born as Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa on the 14th of April 1969 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was raised by former WBAL anchor and public affairs manager, Edie House and her parents: James, and Edith. Her biological parents abandoned her at a tender age of 7, who blessed her mixed ethnicity of Nigeria and German origin. 

Derives Remarkable Salary From Long ABC Stint (words:156)

Sade is working hard to earn success and works as a news anchor at New York's WABC Channel 7 anchoring the weekday 5 p.m. editions of Eyewitness News and the 11 pm news. With her impressive career, she enjoys an average salary of $55,866.

But, after she figured out that something was not ok with her health, Sade decided to take a break from ABC7NY for a while. Later on, after some check-ups, she found out that she was suffering from a significant concussion resulting in a one year break from the channel.

However, in September of 2018, Sade announced that she was ready to be back on ABC7NY for the 5 p.m. editions of Eyewitness News to work with her co-anchor, Diana Williams. She published her comeback by posting a picture on her Twitter account with Diana on the set of the channel.

Chocolates From The Set: Sade Baderinwa enjoying chocolates on Valentine's Day along with her collegues. (Picture: Sade's Instagram)

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Since then, Sade has been seen working like her good old days on her Instagram as she posts pictures along with her co-anchors very often. In Valentine’s Day of 2019, she was seen having a good time with her colleges from the channel, enjoying Valentine’s chocolate provided by one of her co-anchor named Lee.

She started her career as a news anchor on the NBC-affiliated  WBAL-TV, where she served for nearly three years. In 2003, she joined WABC and took the anchor duties 5 and 11 p.m. news on the network.

Since 2011, she has co-anchored the 11 pm Eyewitness News on the network alongside Bill Ritter. Apart from the journalism career, she is also involved in social welfare activities. 

Sade has been involved in creating Get Reel With Your Dreams PSA, an annual contest providing $50,000 scholarship to the high school students in Manhattan.

The program is currently running on its 10th year and has awarded more than $350,000 scholarships to the deserving students.

Is Sade Baderinwa's Dating Governor Martin J. O’Malley? 

Sade Baderinwa doesn't seem to be planning to get married. Even news and media appears to be of no help in the matter. (It's unclear if the lady is hiding her love life and keeping it low key, or is)

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Her secrecy brings along an uncertainty whether she is still single and waiting for a perfect husband material to start an affair or has one on her side.

Rumors have it that Sade was dating Governor Martin J. O’Malley of Baltimore back when Sade was in her mid-thirties. The journalist was even rumored to be pregnant with her possible boyfriend, O'Malley's baby.

But, the rumors turned out not to be true as Matin is a married man with wife Catherine Curran O’Malley and share four children.

So to protect her career and Governor O’Malley's reputation, Sade left Baltimore and was shipped to New York City.

Sade Almost Died: Hit-And-Run Incident

Leaving for New York turned out a nightmare as she became a victim of a hit-and-run incident as soon as she went to New York.

She along with her camera team was reporting on a local flood at Hackensack, NewJersey on 23 July 2014 for 11 O'Clock News on WABC. Right then, a car came hurtling through the police barriers, struck Sade and ran away. Police were not able to catch the culprit driver. 

Sade gave an interview with the Wayback machine on 17 December 2014, where she revealed that she would never forget the accident and the pain it caused.

Recalling the unfortunate incident, she quoted that she was pushed back 10 feet high on the air before landing in some water. Sade also expressed that she would have died by drowning if the photographer hadn't come to her rescue.

It took a long time for Sade to finally recover from the injury and get back to continue her work. 

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She also added that the driver's reckless driving was very wrong. However, she forgave him, which she also quoted in the interview.

The unfortunate accident not only ended up hurting Sade but also fueled rumors with Martin J. O’Malley. As per speculations, Catherine Curran O’Malley, the wife of Martin was allegedly accused of being the one behind the accident.

However, no shreds of evidence came out to prove Catherine's rumor and Sade, herself, also remained silent on the alleged scandal.