News anchor Diane Sawyer has gained immense popularity in the realm of journalism by tackling some of the most prominent issues with originals reporting, primetime specials, long from interviews and in-depth investigations.

She has spent fifty years of her life, devoting time and work to make journalism what it is today. She has garnered not only tremendous experience but also the popularity with astonishing net worth. She is most known for sitting down in the interviews with many famous personalities from politics to entertainment.

Interview With Diane Sawyer: Former Olympic champion turned reality TV star Bruce Jenner opens up about his “emotional rollercoaster” to ABC’s Diane Sawyer on an exclusive 20/20 interview about his lifelong secret of living as a transgender woman, now known to the world as Caitlyn Jenner (Published: 25 April 2015)

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Are you enthusiastic enough to know about her professional life along with her retirement talks and net worth? If so then go through the context.

You Won't  Believe What Diane Sawyer Aspired When She Was Young

Diane Sawyer, born on 22nd December 1945, during her early age, craved to have a career in the modeling as her sister was runner-up in the 1962 Junior Miss Competition. Following the same footsteps of her sister, young Diane also became the 1963 America’s Junior Miss. However, she didn't want to continue modeling after being graduated.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English in the year 1967, she moved to Louisville with a change of mind to pursue a career in reporting. She began her career in weather broadcasting in 1967 where she served a reporter for WLKY-TV until 1970. However, she soon felt the job to be boring and moved to Washington D.C. for a better job.

Back In Time When Diane Sawyer Had Struggling Career

Diane gave many interviews for government jobs, and eventually became a press assistant to Jerry Warren, the white house deputy press secretary. Within a few months, she became a staff assistant for US President Richard Nixon. She continued serving staff assistant for Nixon till the end of the Nixon-Ford transition period.

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Later on, returning back to the job of broadcast journalism in 1978, she served as a general assignment reporter for CBS News. Diane was the first female correspondent of "60 Minutes" on CBS. She served for nine years as a co-anchor of "CBS Morning News" and was CBS News' State Department correspondent.

Diane's breakthrough came in her journalism career after she joined ABC News as co-anchor of "Primetime" in February 1989. In addition to that role, she became the co-anchor of Good "Morning America" in January 1999 and held the post until taking over the "World News" anchor chair in December 2009.

Diane Sawyer anchoring the show "Good Morning America". (Photo:

As being a reporter in ABC news, she gained immense popularity. In 2008, during the historic presidential election, Sawyer co-anchored ABC News' coverage of the political conventions, Election Night and the Inauguration.

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In 2011, Sawyer sat down for exclusive interviews with some of the year's biggest newsmakers, including Commander Mark Kelly in the wake of the tragic shooting of his wife.

Diane Sawyer Retirement; Net Worth Is Surprising!

Back in 2014, Diane affirmed that she was retiring from ABC desk; however, she will remain with ABC News and will focus on creating specials and conducting high-profile interviews.

While gushing about her financial status, according to, she has listed in "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women", between the year June 2005 and June 2006, she gathered an estimated $12 million USD, solely from entertainment income according to wiki sites.

More recently, the net worth of this talented reporter has estimated over $80 million dollars with earning for about a whopping salary of $22 million USD yearly.

However, she also has a luxurious house, and the house was worth $5.3 million USD, and the home has set on 17.5 acres and has made in the years of 1950 by her retiring father and is currently worth $10 million.

Diane Sawyer Reminiscing Good Old Days In Politics

Diane Sawyer's Journalism career is at a startling success but before diving into journalism she was into politics. 

She was a staff assistant for former US President Richard Nixon. One of the things she remembers about her political days back then is that she was on the airplane when Richard Nixon left Washington, D.C. having resigned the presidency hours.

She appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert in April 2018 to look back in her good old days in politics. In addition, she had her words ro spill on living through current American divide.

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We’ve seen the undertow that is pulling us apart. I’m from Kentucky. In my family alone there are so many opinions on every single issue.

She showed her concern for women's security and equality in wages. She even has collaborated with the ABC's team and released her newest news special, My Reality: A Hidden America. This show has aimed to bring up a new dimension in hopes of providing women with financial as well as social equity.