American Journalist, Robert Costa who made his way to being one of the greatest reporters of America, revealed about his so-called married life.

Robert Costa is a well known political reporter, who reports and analyzes the political scenario in and around the states for NBC News and MSNBC. Not just that he is a national reporter for The Washington Post and a moderator for the Washington Week, on PBS.

Highly Dedicated Journalist: Robert Costa presents an in-depth reporting on President Trump and his administration for The Washington Post. (Published on 3 April 2018)

Being the biggest reporter for The Washington Post, Robert has interviewed US President Donald Trump multiple times. Already boasting a vast reporting experience, his resume had another feather attached to it when he joined Washington Week in April 2017 as a moderator.

Robert Costa’s Bio: Early Life, Parents, Career, Washington Post

It was on 14 October 1985, Robert Costa was born to attorneys, father Thomas E. Costa and mother, Anne Dillon D. Costa. His father who turned 67 years of age in March 2018, first served in Police before turning to law. 

He was raised alongside his three siblings in Richmond, Virginia. Attending Pennsbury High School, he graduated in 2004 before pursuing higher education.

The journalist graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in American studies, and in 2009 he earned a master’s degree in politics from the University of Cambridge.

Being an active member of The Cambridge Union, Robert mainly focused his research on Winston Churchill.

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The 32-year-old started his career as a reporter for National Review in 2010. Eventually, he got promoted to the position of Washington editor for National Review in December 2012.

Robert’s reporting on the United States federal government shutdown in 2013 brought a lot of praises. Not just that, it also earned him a position of national reporter for the Washington Post in January 2014. 

It was only in April 2017 that Robert was announced as the permanent moderator of the Washington Week after the death of long-term moderator, Gwen Ifill due to cancer.

Robert Costa Loves To Spend Time With His Family

As occupied as he may be, Robert always manages to make time for his family. He doesn’t miss the chance to share the moments he spends with his family on his social media sites.

Every occasion when he finds the opportunity, Robert doesn’t hesitate at all to mention his family.

From the most random matters like posting a weekend picture to the very personal occasion like his twin brother getting married, Robert has no hesitations on sharing them with the public.

Fulfilled Family: Robert posts a picture where he spends the weekend with family on 13 November 2017. (Photo: Robert Costa’s Instagram)

Robert absolutely loves bragging about his siblings as well. He mostly posts pictures of his niece, his sister’s daughter who he likes to call his goddaughter. It’s no doubt that his niece might look up to him as he’s achieved the name of a great reporter.

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The Washington Post reporter has certainly made his family very proud, especially his mother and father who he doesn’t fail to bring into the picture. He even took to Twitter to wish his father a happy birthday, and on International Women’s Day, he tweeted about recognizing his mother as a successful woman.

Is Robert Costa Married?

The most common question when to comes to a famous person's life is always regarding their romantic affairs.

Robert also doesn’t get to escape this question too, as many people are already assuming that he’s got a wife and children.

Despite being active in his social media sites and sharing every matter regarding his life, Robert has not mentioned anything about having a wife, even once.

Nope, the highly dedicated journalist has not opened up about his barely existent married life.

And that’s most possibly because, the easiest answer, he isn’t married yet. Robert is having a great time doing the job he loves the most, and he doesn’t seem to have found his right one.

In a talk about his relationship status with the Philly Magazine in 2017, Robert confessed that he was single.

Now, that obviously led to the cliche reports and speculations about him being gay, which Robert has denied in the most ardent way possible.

As he has already turned 32, there might be a high possibility of him intendedly finding his partner, so it’s safe to assume that he might bring his future wife to the picture soon.

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