For Regina Lasko, adding the title of married and husband took ages after an extended dating period. However, the marriage was thrown into turmoils immediately after the wedding.  

The media personality of age 57 is well known as the better half of the famous late Night host, David Letterman. Apart from being a homey to Letterman, Regina has also worked in the media with the late-night show as a Contributor

Married With Late Night Colleague: Regina Lasko's Wiki-Like-Bio

Regina was born on 20 November 1960. From her early age, she had an interest in showbiz and pursued a career in the entertainment industry. 

Starting her career in modest positions, Regina quickly rose through the ranks and progressed to the post of production manager.

She worked as a production manager with show Another World and Saturday Night Live. What's more, she also acted as the head of the production in the NBC special, Late Night with David Letterman: 7th Anniversary Special (1989)

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It was during her stint with the NBC's Late Night Show she met with David Letterman. Being in constant touch with each other, the feeling quickly reciprocated to love between the pair. 

Regina and David Letterman started dating in 1986 when he was still living together with the previous girlfriend, Merill Markoe.

Before Merill and Regina, David was married to college sweetheart Michelle Cook in an intimate wedding ceremony on Indiana. However, the pair divorced in 1977 and had no children together.

Regina's boyfriend David was involved in a high profile feud with his network NBC in 1992. After serving as the host of The Late Night Show with David Letterman for ten years, he felt he was the natural replacement for the departing Johnny Carson as the host of The Tonight Show.

However, the job went to Jay Leno which left David seething and departed from NBC to join with CBS where he hosted the Late Show with David Letterman from 1992 to 2015. 

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The two sweethearts moved in together after David joined CBS and have remained together ever since. The couple had their only child Harry Joseph Letterman in November 2003. The couple not only shares a child, but they also share a colossal net worth of $400 million.

Despite spending more than 20 years together, the couple's decision to not get married had left many viewers baffled.

However, David had clarified in many occasions that despite not marrying they lived like husband and wife and owing to his previous bad experience with marriage, he was not intent on marrying again. 

Family: Regina Lasko strolling in the street with her son and husband together (Photo: Pinterest)

However, all that changed in the summer of 2009 when Regina and David walked the altar to be pronounced husband and wife. The tied the knots in a low key wedding ceremony in a civil courthouse in Chateau Montana. 

Married Only For Letterman To Get Embroiled In Infidelity Claims, Love Prevails

Regina got to enjoy just six months of her married life with an expanded bio as Regina Lasko Letterman when David was caught up in a cheating scandal. 

On 1 October 2009, Regina's newlywed husband announced in his show that he had been a victim of blackmailing scam. He further added that the blackmailer had found out about his affairs and was now claiming $2 million in extortion money to maintain his silence. 

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As the authorities resolved into the case, David's mistress was identified to be his longtime aide Stephanie Birkitt, and the blackmailer was determined to be CBS producer Joe Halderman. 

David on his show accepted that he had cheated on his wife, Regina and asked for forgiveness. Regina and David's marriage was thought to be over with the couple living separately for months after the infidelity claims. 

However, love prevailed in the end as Regina chose to forgive her husband and saved her marriage. After the incident, the couple has never attracted headlines for the wrong reasons and continue to live happily ever after.

Regina Lasko’s Famous Husband Wishes He Had More Children

Regina’s husband David Letterman is a famous American tv host, comedian, and writer. He is known worldwide for his famous 12 times Emmy Award-winning talk show The Late Night Show With David Letterman.

Her husband  David once had an artery in his heart severely obstructed which was revealed after a check-up in 2001. He was even rushed to emergency for a quintuple bypass surgery. We’re glad that he’s still alive and spending the days with Lasko by his side.

He is a well-known womanizer who has weaved several relationships with his colleagues, but he chose Regina as the one to settle down with.

Though the couple already has a son named Harry, in an interview with CBS in 2012, her husband revealed that he wishes he had a girl child too. He also stated that he would have had more children if he hadn’t been 'so gosh darn single-minded' about his career on television.

But sadly with an elevating age of both Regina and her husband, it might not be possible to grace another baby girl into their world!