Over the past fifteen seasons, the cast of Pit Bulls and Parolees has been trying to bring home a point: we all can come together to shower love and care for dogs! The show is a lot beyond rehabilitation and adoption of fierce dogs; it offers a positive message on the rescue of vulnerable animals. But many believe this message might not have so clearly been articulated if the cast was not so powerful.

How It All Began?

Tia Torres' love for animals has inspired her to design and build Villalobos Rescue Center in California. It all began in the 1990s for wolves and hybrids between wolf and dog. Hence, the name Villalobos which means village of wolves. However, Torres' life changed after she met a very special Pit Bull. 

In an interview, Torres recalled how she happened to visit an animal shelter in Tatanka, where she met a traumatized Pit Bull. The poor doggo was taken from a place of double homicide. She was bound with ropes and pulled like "she was some African Lion," remarked Torres. 

Even before she could intercede, the dog fondly started licking Torres' daughters with affection. That sudden interaction inspired Torres to start her rescue mission for breeds that are perceived as terrifying. Thus began a journey of rescuing wolves and wolf hybrids! But pit bulls mostly became the inmates of the sanctuary.

Many celebrities have interviewed Torres for her outstanding contribution to wildlife. Though she has always abstained from fame, her decision to go on-camera with her wolf-saving mission has kept it afloat for many years. With tales of second chances in every episode, Pit Bulls and Parolees is here to stay!

Know the Women of 'Pit Bulls and Parolees'

Torres was raised in a broken home in southern California, and she experienced a troubled childhood. She yearned to have a family of her own and has been taking care of stray animals since a tender age.

It was a difficult time, and her stepmother, whom she called Mom, took care of her private zoo all alone. Torres attributed her benevolent qualities and discipline to the way her mother raised her. Although she had no father figure in her life, her mother taught her that no companionship is as loyal as an animal.

Years later, Torres' two daughters started sharing her mother's passion for animals. Tania cared for the two wolf hybrids that she rescued, and as she grew, she began traveling as an assistant animal trainer. Following her mother's footsteps, she was found in various places with her pack of wolves. 

Contrary to her older sister Tania, Mariah was born in the world of wolves and pit bulls. She was very spirited and always ready to roll around in the wild with her dogs. Her life was full of contradictions, as she was quick to pick herself up and take part in beauty pageants.

The Sudden Demise of Anthony Allen

Anthony Allen, a dog owner, featured in Pit bulls and Parolees, passed away on 28th June 2015. He appeared on the season six premiere of the show and adopted Ana, a rescue pit bull. Anthony was a man with a wide range of interests, and he continued fighting his battle against cancer until he breathed his last.

The Return of 'Pit Bulls and Parolees'

After running successfully for 17 seasons, the Animal Planet show is finally moving to Discovery. The mission of the largest pit bull rescue will also be aired on Discovery+. In this season of Pit Bulls and Parolees, the viewers will also get a chance to meet a new bunch of adorable adoptees who leave no stone unturned to give a forever home to these loving dogs.