Tattoo artist, Oliver Peck had a troubled past before he turned his life around with tattooing career in mind. As for his tattoos, he likes to keep it American.

The 47-year-old Texas native is best known for being a judge on the show Ink Master. His marriage to Kat Von D also earned him widespread recognition.

We have assembled a few wikis on Oliver, including his tattoos, details on his married life to ex-wife and net worth for our readers’ convenience.

1. Oliver Peck’s Wiki-Like Bio: Troubled Formative Years

Born on 29 July 1971 in Texas, US, Oliver got into drawing and art at an early age. He was, by no means, conventional. In school, he’d attend whatever class he liked, and his skating skills landed him at odds with the football team of the school, who grew envious of him hogging all the attention.

As a result, he began to adopt a loner persona, in his teenage years, which further propelled him into drug habits. The law eventually got hold of him, leading to his incarceration.

After serving his jail sentence for drug peddling, he decided to turn his life around. He even began working on a conveyable factory. It was around this time; he developed a passion for tattooing.

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2. Oliver Peck Build Tattoo Empire With Money Borrowed From Addict Friends

At the age of 17, he tattooed his first piece on his own leg with ink spilled from a broken pen. For a real tattoo though, he lacked equipment and money to fund his budding passion. His artistic aspiration faced further hurdle as he neither had the prior training nor been to a tattoo shop.

Despite all his shortcomings, he was able to raise enough money with the help from his fiend friends to buy the necessary equipment. In exchange for their dope money, Oliver tattooed them all.

Oliver’s professional career, however, wouldn’t begin until his introduction to the owner of the Pair-O-Dice tattoo, Stell who took him under his wings and trained him professionally.

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3. Oliver Peck’s Business Endeavours Helps Boasts Respectable Net Worth

As for his studios, he owns 2 of them: the LA-based True Tattoo and the Texas-based Elm Street Tattoo.

His earnings from True and Elm Street coupled with TV appearances has pocketed him a net worth of $500 thousand.

Speaking on his TV appearance, his celebrity status saw growth after starring as a judge on Ink Master -- a reality show where competing tattoo artists face challenges put forth by judges and guests.

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Season 9 of Ink Master saw him suffer a health emergency. Despite being featured heavily on the episode's trailer, he was nowhere to be found when the episode aired. Later, it was learned that he had suffered a heart attack.

The Texas native’s first TV appearance, however, was on American reality show Miami Ink, when he visited his then-wife Kat Von D.

4. Oliver Peck Married Kat Von D In 2003 At Age 32

Oliver married Kat Von D, one of the most recognizable faces in the world of tattoos, in 2003. They shared a daughter together. Sadly, their marriage ended after just four years in 2007.

Many credited the downfall of their marriage to his ex-wife, Kat’s extra-marital affair. Oliver, on the other hand, was pretty adamant about the cheating rumor but instead blamed it on his ex-wife’s drinking ways.

Following their divorce in 2010, he told the Touch Press:

It got to the point where Kat was drinking until she was throwing up every day. She’d be incoherent and sometimes destructive.

While his ex-wife, Kat has gone on to date plethora of celebrities since their separation, Oliver too has moved on from his abusive relationship with Kat. He’s currently dating Audra Cabral, who owns Audra Cabral.

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5. Oliver Peck’s Signature Style Tattoos Are As American As They Come

The 47-year-old Texas believes in keeping it simple. His tattoos lean toward more traditional style as opposed to neo-traditional which features pronounced linework and extremely vibrant.

American singer/songwriter Sierra Kusterbeck, who has a traditional-style heart and banner tattoo on her left ankle by Oliver, called him “some of the best people.”

Simple & Pretty: Oliver provides Sierra Kusterbeck with his signature traditional styled heart and banner tattoo (Photo:

In his works, one can detect a proper blend of the American spirit and modern spirit with easily discernible context. This unique amalgamation of various styles while still keeping it traditional gives Oliver’s tattoos a timeless identity.