Cuban actor Ojani Noa was once married to American singer Jennifer Lopez for a short period. Lopez chose her career over him, which led to an end to the couple's relationship.

When her career hit a tall height and shadowed over his relationship, he began to grow envious and plotted revenge against her.

Here are some fascinating wikis about him, covering his measurements, dating life, & personal vendetta with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez.

1. Ojani Noa’s Bio: Height, Ethnicity, Acting Credit

Ojani Noa was born on June 11, 1974, in Cuba. He stands tall at a height of 6' 1" (1.85 m), more than the average American height. He comes from a Spanish-Cuban ethnicity. He is a Cuban immigrant and began his career as a chef.

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According to his bio, he also had a short stint in acting and is best known for appearing in the 2008 series, Supervivientes: Perdidos en el Caribe.

2. Ojani Noa’s Married Life With Jennifer Lopez

Despite is acting portfolio, Noa is best known as the former husband of American singer Jennifer Lopez. He met Jennifer Lopez while working as a waiter at a restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida. The pair then got married in 1997, before Lopez was a household name.

Happier Times: Ojana and Jennifer share a rare smile and love for each other before their divorce. (Photo:

It was the first marriage for both partners. However, it only lasted for a year. The couple split after Noa claimed that Lopez wanted to focus on her career instead of their marriage.

Noa claimed that Jennnifer was his first love. He was looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her. And so, he claimed that his heart was broken into pieces when she chose her career over him.

3. Ojani Noa Threatend To Publish Jennifer Lopez's Intimate Videos

There has been more action between Noa and Lopez after the divorce than when they were married.

With both parties threatening each other with lawsuits and countersuits, the couple's divorce ranks as one of the ugliest in history.

Noa was first hauled into the court in the 90s after he tried to distribute a tell-all movie based on the revealing home-footages he recorded when they were married.

Lopez reacted to his claims by filing for a $10 million settlement lawsuit, as well as demanding the court to block Noa from making any videos public.

However, that wasn’t the only time he threatened her. In 2007, he threatened to write a tell-all memoir about the couple's time together unless he was paid $5 million. However, the judges ruled in favor of Lopez, awarded her $545,000 and ruled against publishing any details of their relationship.

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5. Ojani Noa’s Girlfriend Files Lawsuit Against Jennifer Lopez

In 2001, Noa started dating Mexican actress Claudia Vasquez. Unlike his first relationship, this one went on for over ten years. But his obsession with his ex-wife, Lopez, destroyed their relationship as well.

In 2011, Noa's then-girlfriend, Claudia, filed a $10 million lawsuit against Lopez.

The case alleged that Lopez misstated facts to the court to obtain a restraining order against her former partner - who had been trying to make their old home videos public – which then interfered with a motion picture contract between Claudia, Ojani, and Ed Meyer.

6. What Is Ojani Noa Up To Now?

Noa has been living his life seeking vengeance upon his ex-wife. It seems like he has made it a personal mission to make her life miserable with lawsuits. He hasn't moved on, judging from his choice of words when it comes to Lopez. 

In fact, that obsession seems to be the reason why he remains single at the moment. 

He was recently in the news after Facebook deleted a photo of him and Lopez from their time together.

The lovebirds from the late 90s who have been long separated now and have been engaged in bitter lawsuits were pictured sharing happy times in the now-deleted photo.

7. Ojani Noa’s Ex-Wife Moved On

While Ojani's obsession keeps him from moving on, there has not been a scarcity of men for his ex-wife Lopez!

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Lopez is unhesitantly experimenting with guys in hopes of bumping into the right company after her first marriage crumbled.

It didn't take her long to get close with rapper Sean Combs aka Diddy, in 1999. She dated him until 2001—the year she found Cris Judd, one of her backup dancers, and decided on a whim to get married only to split a year later in 2002. 

Even when her second marriage ended up nowhere, Lopez wasn't done. She has been in a relationship with a number of notable men, including Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, and Casper Smart over the years.

In 2017, baseball player Alex Rodriguez also made it to her list of boyfriends.

Let's just see how far this newfound love goes!

8. Jennifer Lopez Now

So far, for two years, the love between Lopez and Alex has not faded away, and it seems as if Lopez has finally found her soulmate in the retired baseball ace.

In an interview, she shared that she didn't need to marry Alex as they were living the best years together, and didn't need to change anything in their lives.

She shared that among her children and work and all the wonderful things that happen, they were living their best years. They were grateful for what they had, and they did not need anything else now.

She even admitted that having kids had changed the way she views marriage, and that change in her view might be why she said that marriage takes a lot more than just falling in love and sharing a home.

So this means JLo will take her time before taking a step ahead in her relationship.   

Update: Bennifer is back! Jennifer Lopez Dating Ben Affleck

It turns out her romance with the baller was short-lived after all. After her break-up, Lopez rekindled her romance with her former fiancé Ben Affleck. 

The two made their relationship Instagram official back in July 2021 and the two even walked the Venice Film Festival Red Carpet together come September, where they shared a kiss in front of camera.