Cynthia Scurtis found love again after moving on from a series of failed relationships. She is now raising a happy family with real estate advisor Angel Nicolas, who is on friendly terms with her ex-husband Alex Rodriguez.

Here's a breakdown of her relationship history.

She Married Alex Rodriguez in 2002

Scurtis started dating then-baseball player Alex Rodriguez after meeting him in a Miami gym in 1998. She worked as a pretrial counselor at the time and struck a friendship with Rodriguez. 

Their friendship soon blossomed into a relationship, and the pair dated for around four years, weathering the challenges of a long-distance romance. On November 2, 2002, she tied the knot with her boyfriend. 

The married couple welcomed their first daughter Natasha Alexander on November 18, 2004, and their second daughter Ella Alexander four years later, on April 21, 2008.


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Meanwhile, Rodriguez's rising career and frequent travels took a toll on their marriage. As a result, within months of the second daughter's birth, Scurtis filed for divorce, citing emotional abandonment and marital misconduct.

The petition also accused Rodriguez of having an inappropriate relationship with Madonna, which Madonna vehemently denied. 

In the end, their marriage of six years dissolved with an expensive divorce settlement in September 2008. The business person started paying Scurtis a tax-free $115,000 a month. 

After almost a decade, he shared his dissatisfaction with spousal support in 2018, clarifying how his income plummeted after his retirement.

A source close to TMZ reported that Scurtis was ready to negotiate for $50k a month. But Rodriguez wasn't thrilled as he complained why she wasn't working despite having a master's degree in psychology.

The dispute over the divorce alimony saw Scurtis replying through her lawyer. She stressed Rodriguez had requested her to discontinue work to focus on their kids and claimed to be disheartened over his comments. 

The conflict, however, didn't stretch much as the parents-of-two kept aside their differences to co-parent their children.


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Scurtis Dated Laszlo Fazekas in 2009

A year after the split with Rodriguez, the Miami native started dating real estate investor and accountant Laszlo Fazekas. The pair met when Scurtis visited Fazekas' house with a real estate agent. 

Their relationship underwent public scrutiny as followers compared the new boyfriend to her ex-husband and marked how Scurtis traded down for a less attractive partner.

Fazekas took the matter on his own hands and told Palm Beach Post that he knew he was physically fit and not bad-looking. He also quipped that he didn't care what people would say.

The pair ended their relationship privately. 

She Is Married to Angel Nicolas Now

Moving on through failed relationships, Scurtis married real state agent Angel Nicolas. While the date of their wedding is concealed, Nicolas first shared the wedding pictures on April 13, 2019.

The pair welcomed their daughter Camilla Angelique Nicolas on July 30, 2016.

Going by his Instagram photos, he shares an adorable relationship with Scurtis's daughters as well. They all live together in a blended family

To top it all off, Nicolas is on good terms with Rodriguez.

The married couple united with Jennifer Lopez's former partner for a nine-week fitness program. When the program ended, Rodriguez thanked all his family members and posted a picture with Scurtis and Nicolas.

Cynthia Scurtis' Bio

Born on December 28, 1973, Scurtis grew up in Coconut Grove, Miami. Her father John Scurtis is a former importer/exporter, and her mother Evangeline performed charity work in Miami hospitals.

The 47-year-old completed her primary education at Gulliver Preparatory School.

She attended the Nova Southeastern University and earned a master’s degree in psychology. She worked as a psychology teacher at her former high school.