Professional News Anchor, Taniya Wright, joined KPRC 2 in August of 2019 as the station's morning show anchor and midday newscaster. During her time there, the professional news anchor never shied away from reflecting her enthusiasm for her work— evident in many online video posts she has made with her co-workers.

Judging by her exuberant yet goofy social media posts, it seemed as if Wright was having the time of her life, at least professionally. But just past May of this year, she suddenly left KPRC 2 after only 10 months since her involvement with the channel.

Why Did Wright Leave KPRC 2?

While at KPRC 2, she often made funny videos alongside her colleagues and appeared to be enjoying the work and the company she got at her workspace. But Wright's departure from the station was rather abrupt. 

She revealed the reason for her departure in the comment section of one of her Facebook posts in April of 2020. Her comment has since been deleted but the unhappiness among her fans is apparent in the other comments.

In the now-deleted comment, when asked why she was no longer involved with KPRC 2, she had revealed that the management decided to let her go. Although a clear reason for her discharge wasn't made explicit.

Taniya Wright is Looking for the Next Opportunity

Having joined KPRC 2 in August of 2019, Wright stayed with the station for a total of just ten months. After being let go from KPRC 2 in May of 2020, she hasn't joined another station yet. According to her Linkedin profile, Wright is looking for the "next opportunity".

Taniya Wright is a professional news anchor with multiple major news anchoring histories. Wright became active in her career as a broadcast journalist after graduating from the University of South Florida in mass communications in 2006. In her over 13 years of career, she has worked as an associate producer/producer for WFLA-TV, an anchor and reporter for WDVM TV and KJRH, and as a morning and noon news anchor for WNCN before finally joining KPRC. 

What is Taniya Wright Up To Now?

Currently, Wright dedicates some of her free time to her YouTube channel where she mostly covers contents from her travels, personal experiences, and health tips.

In some of the notable videos, she covered her recovery after undergoing a fibroid removal surgery, vlogs from her travels to Colorado and Tampa, funny videos about her cat, and even beauty product reviews. Her KPRC persona shines in each of her videos and it is evident that the cheerful news anchor hasn't let her current situation put a dent on her positive energy.