Reporter Taniya Wright joined KPRC, an NBC-affiliated television station based in Houston, in August of 2019. She had moved to the Texan city from North Carolina in order to host/anchor the station’s morning show and become its midday newscaster. In North Carolina, she had worked as a CBS 17 morning anchor.

However, along with moving for career growth, Wright was also excited to join her fiance who lives in Houston.

She had revealed that information while co-hosting Houston Life's show Get2Know with Derrick before moving there from North Carolina. The talented host shared that she had been coming over to Houston every month or two for several years to spend time with her fiance.

While not much is known about her love life, like who her future husband is, when and how did he propose to her, when are they getting married; we did get a glimpse of a ring though — a ring which means a lot to her.

Taniya Wright's Ring Has An Emotional Connection To Her Parents

Wright posted a picture of her showing off her ring back in October and explained that it was made by melting the wedding rings of her parents.

"I had my parents wedding rings melted down to make a ring for me and it turned out INCREDIBLE!! Couldn’t have asked for anything better"

What makes the ring even more special is that Wright’s father, James Berkely Wright, passed away in a training accident on August 25, 1987. He was a green beret and she was just four at the time of his passing while her younger sister was only one year old.

Growing up, Wright received many military scholarships from the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and others. In a bid to give back and keep his memory alive, she has traveled around the country doing speaking engagements at military events with families of other veterans.

Who is Taniya Wright Engaged to?

The former newscaster has kept the identity of her fiance a secret. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he lives in Houston and that she used to visit him every month or two from a few years back.

In an interview with Houston Life, Wright said that she and her fiance would go to The Hobby Center and other fun events every time she visited him in Houston. Wright went on to add how much she loved theatre and thus thoroughly enjoyed her time at The Hobby Center.

Back in January of 2018, Wright called her fiance a photoshop master when asked about the artwork she was holding.

What is Taniya Wright Up To After Leaving KPRC 2?

Though Wright joined KPRC 2 in August of 2019, she only worked at the station for a total of ten months. In May of 2020, she was let go from the station due to the management’s decision. Following her departure from KPRC 2, Wright hasn’t joined any other station but her Linkedin profile says she is looking for the next opportunity.

Wright has also been active on her YouTube channel recently. There, she posts about everything from her travel vlogs, tips & tricks videos, personal experiences, and fun videos.