Living simple is an art not everyone can master. But Marvin Kalb is one among those few who knows to put this art to life the best possible way; be it regarding marital part or in terms to long-lived professional part, there has not been a room for controversy.

Marvin Kalb is a veteran American journalist and author. The New York native has numerous awards in his showcase for his interminable contribution on both journalism and literature. The father of two has been able to influence his family in the same profession he holds.

1. Marvin Kalb's Journey From Education To Book Writing

Marvin, who was born on 9 June 1930 was raised in New York City. He grew up with immigrant parents as his father; Max Kalb was Polish and mother, Bell Portnoy was from Ukraine.

Regarding the education, he is the graduate of the City College of New York and holds the degree of MA from the Havard University in 1953. Marvin went to Moscow in 1956 for his Ph.D. in Russian history and in 1957, he joined CBS News working as a news writer. After a year, he became a reporter-assignment editor for the network at the American Embassy in Moscow.

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In 1958, Marvin published a book, Eastern Exposure, that consists of his experiences in the Soviet Union. He also served on NBC as a chief Diplomatic Correspondent, Moscow Bureau Chief and the host of Meet the Press, a longest-running interview broadcast in NBC network. His 30 years in both CBS and NBC news has made him an award-winning reporter. 

Some of his honors include two Peabody Awards and the DuPont Prize from Columbia University. Likewise, in 2006, Marvin won the Fourth Estate Award from the National Press Club. 

Marvin was the founding director of the Havard University's Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. He has lectured at many universities inside and outside the country. 

Marvin has published many nonfiction books as an author or coauthor that includes Dragon in the KremlinThe VolgaRoots of Involvement, and One Scandalous Story. His two best-selling novels are In the National Interest and The Last Ambassador. Marvin recently published his new book, The Year I was Peter the Great in October 2017.

2. Marvin's Counter Attack To Trump With His New Book

For the man who dedicated an entire half of his age in journalism, president Trump's crude post-inauguration accusation to news portals like ABC, CBS, CNN among others as 'The FAKE NEWS media,' struck as an offense. And what better way Marvin would have dealt with it than to write a book on it!

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The author published a book titled, Enemy of the People: Trump's War on the Press, the New McCarthyism, and the Threat to American Democracy in September 2018. The Book revolves around Trump's indictment on the media and his spite for the criticism. He has gone bold in essence comparing Trump with the 20th-century dictators and has reflected a concern for the American democracy. 

New Book In The Market: Marvin Kalb's book Enemy Of The People which was published in September 2018 which mainly consists of satire on Donald Trump's tweets as POTUS (Photo: Pulitzer Center)

The book's title itself is captivating as it hints a direct satire on Trumps 2017 tweet that pointlessly claimed the media as not only his (Trump's) enemy but the enemy of American people.

The Book is not merely a defensive approach to the media-threatening remark but an approach to shed light on the need of independent press in American Democracy. 

3. Marvin Kalb's Authors Family: Married Life, Wife and Children

Marvin got married to Madeleine Green in the year 1958. The couple has been holding each other's hands since more than five decades, and no any rumors of separation have been surfaced yet. With the influence of her husband, Madeleine also wrote a book on the struggle for the Congo, The Congo Cables: The Cold War in Africa — From Eisenhower to Kennedy.

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Moreover, the couple is blessed with two grown-up daughters, Deborah Kalb, and Judith Ellen Kalb. It is known that they welcomed their children after a while of their marriage. Both of the daughters opt for the profession similar to their father.

Judith is an associate professor and Russian program director at the University of South Carolina and also authored the book, Russia’s Rome: Imperial Visions, Messianic Dreams, 1890-1940.

Deborah is a freelance writer and editor, who spent about 20 years working as a journalist in Washington, D.C. for several news agencies. She co-authored a book with her father named Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency from Ford to Obama.

Like Father Like Daughter: Marvin with his daughter Deborah who is also an author and is intent on carrying on with the legacy of her father (

Similarly his brother, Bernard Kalb also was a foreign correspondent at CBS News, NBC News and the New York Times. Marvin co-wrote some books related to biography and novels with his brother.