Lizzie Cundy's failed relationship did not have any effect on her love life. Although she faced hardships in her relations, she overcame all the circumstances and blossomed into a strong, independent woman she is today.

English television and radio presenter Lizzie Cundy is best known for appearing in panels and debates for shows like ITV's This Morning and Celebrity Big Brother. Cundy hosts a show called WAGS World and co-hosts the reality makeup programme So Would You Dump Me Now? for Wedding TV. She is also filming Sporting Icon WAGS and frequently appears on This Morning. She is a radio presenter for FUBAR radio hosting a weekly showbiz chat show called Access All Areas with journalist Stephen Leng. Apart from that she even writes a column for OK Magazine and Daily Express

Social Justice Warrior:- Lizzie Cundy, 47 (left), argues that shoppers should pay more for their plus size clothes because they use more material. Josie Gibson, 32, called her comments 'ridiculous' in Good Morning Britain on 13 November 2017 (

Lizzie Cundy's Mini-Bio

Born on 5 February 1968, Lizzie was born to father, Derek Miller. She attended the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Besides an open professional life, she is quite tight-lipped when it comes to her personal life.

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Lizzie started her career by appearing in ITV's This Morning on their A Day with a Designer series and regularly appeared on debates and features.

Behind Lizzie Cundy's Net Worth

She covered the world cup for GMTV and became one of their central specialists. In 2012 she reported the red carpet for ITV2's film review show  ITV at the Movies. She also hosted her football show WAGS World and became the chief showbiz reporter for OKTV.

In 2010 Lizze with her ex-husband won Celebrity Four Weddings.  With that, she even had a beauty and style column in Town and Country House. She works and features on This Morning show, Good Morning Britain, Alan Titchmarsh and Sky News. She also acted as a grid girl for Formula 1 racing.

As of 2018, Lizzie's net worth it remains a mystery to the public. Looking at her succesful career, it can be said that she is playing in millions right now.

Lizzie Cundy's Married Life With Footballer Husband Ends After Cheating Scandal

Her love life is no less than a rollercoaster. Lizzie was married to Chelsea Footballer Jason Cundy on 1994.

They both have two children; Josh and James. But after 18 years of togetherness, their marriage ended in 2012 when Lizzie found out that Jason was cheating on her with Oprah singer, Hannah Pedley.

She has been open about her past marriage experience and divorce. Lizzie is pleased that her toxic marriage finally ended. Talking to Dailymail on October 2013, Lizzie recalled her marriage with former husband Jason and said:

I think I married the wrong footballer. Instead of him having to pay for leaving me and the boys virtually penniless, I’m the one who will have to give him money. Frankly, I think he’s wasted a lot of cash. He continues to live the high-spending life of a top football player. So, I feel I’m paying for his lifestyle.

She feels like the divorce was an opportunity to show what she could do and become independent.

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After the divorce in 2012, Lizzie had the custody of her two sons.

Lizzie Cundy Considerate Of Children's Feelings

Her children, Josh and James, who are 23 and 18 respectively, have provided Lizzie with the new outlook in life.

Husband Missing:- Lizze dressed in a pantsuit and her children pose for the 2018 July cover of Ok Magazine (Photo:-

Speaking to OK Magazine in July 2018, the 50-year-old mom opened up about how her risque outfits have left her sons embarrassed. She also admitted having worn conservative outfits when her children around, only to switch it up to something skimpy when she's alone.

Lizzie Cundy's Life After Divorce

During her marital life, she focused herself on raising her two kids. She has been taking good care of them after all these years of divorce. When it comes to her husband, Jason Kundy, he has been away from the limelight as well as with Lizzie and the kids. 

But after the divorce, she started giving relationship advice as well. One of such instances is when she advised Melanie Skyes, 47, who was dating Olly Murs 33. 

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According to Lizzie, dating young men is fun and makes you feel young as well. She then added:

I’ve been out with younger men and I think it gives you a spring in your step – especially when you’ve been married before, you’ve got kids and you’ve had a bit of a tough time like Mel.

It looks like everyone can expect Lizzie dating younger men sooner or later.

Lizzie Cundy Finds Love In TV Show

The Brit TV personality's quest of finding love took her to the Greek island. Her new man is a Greek nightclub owner named Yannis.

Lizzie met her new boo on the new TV show Our Shirley Valentine Summer, which is being marketed as "Love Island for the over forties."

After returning to the UK from Greece in July 2018, appearing ecstatic, she told The Mail of her new lover:  

He was very handsome, with a neat beard, tattoos and reminded me of a wild wolf. It actually felt like there were butterflies in my tummy, which was not something I had felt for many years. 

Is it all coincidence that her new man, Yannis is three younger than her.