Covid-19 has impacted the way we usually functioned in our daily lives. Our regular communication, entertainment, and livelihood routines have been drastically changed. We are now living with the reality that the coronavirus disease may not vanish entirely until a full-proof vaccine is made.

But until we get a proper antidote to Covid-19, we could learn from Dark actress Lisa Vicari’s humorous posts that have shown us how we can bring smiles on our faces during our battle against the deadly pandemic. After all, the best medicine for suffering is laughter.

What Is Lisa Doing During Pandemic?

Lately, the Munich native has occasionally been using her Instagram. But in her finite posts, she has managed to raise her voice against the death of George Floyd and use humor to portray her frustration of not being able to work properly due to Covid-19.

Here are some glimpses of Vicari's Instagram that has attracted the attention of the Hollywoodmask writer.

1. Lisa Vicari Supported Media Industry 'Blackout' Over George Floyd Death

2. "If Covid-19 Was a Windshield Wiper"

  3. Ofcourse, One Of The Most Asked Question During Pandemic

4. Fun Has Been a Matter Of Nostalgia 

5. Have, Patience Please! 

Lisa Vicari is currently awaiting the release of the third season of Dark on June 27, 2021. She plays Martha Nielsen in the science fiction thriller series.