In the world full of heartbreaks, cheats, and divorces, Lakiha Spicer, widely known as Kiki Tyson, was a 'one-man' woman and waited patiently for her relationship to work out.

The American socialite rose to prominence with her prolonged on and off relationship with Mike Tyson, a boxing legend. She is very reticent and keeps everything behind the spotlight except her controversies which provokes her time to time.

Here is a list of revealing wikis about her bio, age, net worth and more.

1. Lakiha Spicer's Short Wiki-Like Bio & Net Worth

Born in 1977, to father Shamsud-din Ali and mother Farhid Ali, Lakiha Spicer grew up in Philadelphia.

According to wiki sources, Lakiha, age 45, has been married to Mike Tyson since June 2009.

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Living a quiet life, Lakiha’s spendings are all down to Tyson’s earnings, and her net worth remains undisclosed. However, she enjoys a lavishing life living with Mike Tyson whose net worth as per wiki is estimated at $3Million.

2. Lakiha's First Impression Of Mike Tyson

Lakiha had all the luxury in her life growing up, courtesy of her ever-loving father.

Her father's link to different known personalities eventually led her to witness the boxing match of Mike Tyson. Boxing at one side, she had a first sight love with the young Mike Tyson on the other side.

The couple started dating in early 2000 after Mike was released from jail following his imprisonment for three years. Looking at Mike’s lifestyle and his previous relationship, she thought it would never work with him and attempted to get out of his zone, but it was all in vain as she grew even more love towards him.

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 However, there was no commitment, and it was just another relationship for Tyson. On the other side, having fallen deeply in his love, Lakiha never came short to give him all the love he required. 

3. Lakiha Spicer & Mike Tyson's Individual Convictions Tear Them Apart

In 2008, Lakiha was sentenced to 6 months prison for money fraud and conspiracy. By the time that she was in jail, she found out that she was pregnant and had his child. She contacted him right after she was released and gave birth to Milan Tyson in 2009.

Mike, on the other hand, was battling drug addictions but promised to be with her. The convicted felons couldn't live together due to their faults but often met in Las Vegas. Mike was never gonna change despite all the love he'd get from her, and that worried her to tears at times.

4. Love Prevails: Lakiha Spicer Finally Married to Mike Tyson!

Everybody needs some particular heartbreaking moments to change themselves.

For Tyson, losing his four years old daughter, caused a deep heartache and forced a big change to his lifestyle. It was precisely when the overwhelming love of Lakiha started to light contrast on him and eventually helped him get over the heartbreak.

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He finally understood her, and the couple walked down the aisle in a private ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel on 9 June 2009.

Being Mike's third wife never really mattered for her as she held love for him.

Family Bound: Micheal Tyson with his children and wife in 2017 (Photo Source: YouTube) 

Mentioning; getting involved with her was "truly a life-saving experience," Tyson experienced a lot of love from his wife, and the couple later welcomed their second child Morocco Elijah Tyson on 25 January 2011.