Karen Laine had been a part of numerous failed relationships in the past. But when she gave love another chance, it palpably treated her well.

The Indiana-native is a former defense attorney and currently collaborates with her real-estate agent daughter, Mina Hawk to reinvent disfigured homes in Indianapolis. 

Well, the mother-daughter as business partners seems to have worked out for them as they not only have gained a lot of fame but also in their respective improving careers they've established themselves as the owners of a home-remake business called Two Chicks and a Hammer

Here is a list of captivating wikis about Karen Laine's age, married life & net worth:

1. Karen Laine Net Worth In Millions!

As per wiki sources, it is estimated that Karen Laine, a former attorney who turned into a businesswoman, boasts her net worth around $1 million, whereas she garnishes a salary of $200 thousand annum.

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She accumulates the majority of her net worth from her successful career; house renovation spell for the HGTV's show, Good Bones. Laine and her daughter Mina also run a show Two Chicks and a Hammer. Moreover, she's also played in award-winning movies, Darkman (1990), Back to the Future(1989), and Shocker(1989).

Apart from her TV career, the mother-daughter duo runs an organization of remodeling where Karen, age 55, focuses on the management of their company while her daughter Mina looks after real-estate aspects.

2. How Karen Laine's Married Life Fell Apart

Marriage is a beautiful ceremony which binds the couple into the lifelong commitments. But for some reasons, Karen's past three relationships didn't work out well. 

Scouring into her relationship history, Karen has always faced issues in her married life which has led to a consecutive breakdown of her marriages.

Her married life began with a relationship with her first husband, Casey Starsiak with whom she shared a family of three children. As per wiki sources, the relationship didn't work well as they divorced.

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Moving on as a single parent to three children, Karen always wanted someone to partner her and she once again married to Randy, her second husband. They share a daughter named Kelsy. The relationship never really worked well, as for the second time, her marriage broke down.

Hoping that the third time's the charm, Laine really wanted a stabilized married life as she married Mick, her third husband. Well, it could have been what she really wanted with her relationship but similar to the previous relationships, this also led to a dead end.

3. At Age 56, Karen Gets Married For Fourth Time

Love hurts when you're not with the right person, but one should never give up loving. Just ask someone who never gave up: Karen Laine!

After a lot of redemption- in an aim to make everything fine- she once again got back into romance space as she got married to a man named Roger.

Staying reticent about her fourth marriage, she never exactly revealed anything about the marriage ceremony but on 7 September 2017, Karen took it to Instagram to announce her relationship with Roger, stating she had a great day with him in New York before ending the day with a Broadway Show in Chicago.

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Relationship Bound: Karen smirks along with her husband, Roger (Photo Source Karen's Instagram; 17 September 2017)

As of 2018, Karen, age 56,  relishes a beautiful married life with her husband.