The owner of a home renovating firm, Two Chicks and a Hammer, Karen Laine went through numerous failed relationships in the past. But when she gave love another chance, it treated her well. She got married for the fourth time, and her marriage is going as strong as it could.

Here is a list of captivating wiki about Laine's previous marriage, children, husband, family, & net worth.

Karen Laine's First Three Marriages Fell Apart

Marriage is a beautiful ceremony that binds the couple into lifelong commitments. But for some reason, Laine's first three marriages didn't work out well.

She was first married to Casey Starsiak, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. She met him in the '80s and went on to start a family with the three children she shared with him. However, their relationship didn't work well and they got divorced.


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Moving on as a single parent to three children, Laine then married Randy. She gave birth to a daughter named Kelsy with her second husband. The relationship also didn't work, and they parted ways.

After that, Laine married Mick, her third husband. But, much like her previous relationships, this one also led to a dead end.

Karen Laine's Fourth Marriage Is Blissful; Says Husband Is 'Best Man in the World'

Love hurts when you're not with the right person, but one should never give up loving. Just ask someone who never gave up: Karen Laine! Despite facing failures in her marriage on multiple counts, she once again got back into romance space. This time, she married a man named Roger.

Staying reticent about the marriage, she never precisely revealed anything about the marriage ceremony. But on September 23, 2020, Laine took to Instagram to confess that the-very-day was her anniversary. Posting a picture of herself and her husband, the Good Bones star also mentioned she was "married to the best man in the world!" 


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After facing numerous heartbreaks, the TV celebrity has finally found her man. On November 29, 2020, she shared a glimpse of her married life, where her husband was installing custom tiles.

In the caption of the pictures, she used a hashtag, "Ifoundmyperson." Though a little late, Laine is indeed enjoying a happy marriage in her life now.


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Karen Laine Ran 'Two Chicks and a Hammer' With Daughter 

The Indiana native is a former defense attorney. Using her field knowledge, she collaborated with her real-estate agent daughter, Mina Hawk Starsiak, to reinvent disfigured homes in Indianapolis. 

Well, the mother-daughter duo's relationship as business partners seemed to have worked out as they not only gained a lot of fame but also established themselves as the owners of a home-remake business called Two Chicks and a Hammer.

The business was established in 2014, and the work done under its banner was showcased in an HGTV show by High Noon Entertainment. In July 2015, the show's first season premiered with the name Good Bones. The series completed its fifth season in 2020, a year after Laine retired from the job.

Karen Laine's Net Worth

A former attorney-cum-businesswoman, Laine has her hands in various businesses. Unknownst to many, but she also played in award-winning movies Darkman (1990), Back to the Future(1989), and Shocker(1989). Understandably, fans have long been curious about the reality star's net worth.

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Along with the film credits, she renovated houses for the HGTV's show, Good Bones. So, it can be assumed that Two Chicks and a Hammer's success did help her amass quite a fortune, and subsequently a handsome net worth. However, the figures of her net worth are under the wraps for now.