Chinese indigenous reality star Jules Wainstein's divorce saga with then-husband Michael Wainstein, founder of Private Capital Group was amusing - the man with once reported $25 million net worth was unable to pay alimony in thousands but was it because of her spending habits? Apparently, according to him, Yes!

She got mixed into the cast of The Real Housewives of New York in its eighth season in 2016 at the age of 35. She has been infamous for her unsustaining lavish lifestyle, enviable bank account, and magnets for drama.

Glamour Girls: Jules Wainstein and her co-star recap Dorinda Medley recap eighth season of RHONY (Published on Aug 12, 2017)

Currently, she functions as a socialite and a philanthropist. She is also a mother to two beautiful children - Jagger and Rio. 

She followed in her father’s footsteps, a fashion entrepreneur, by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York before working as an assistant buyer and designer for a boutique fashion company.

She is the president of her own beverage company called Modern Alkeme; a Japanese detox super drink that she co-created with American composer.

Stick with us for a fascinating set of wiki revealing her age, birthday, and how her married life took an ugly turn heading to a divorce. 

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1. Jules Wainstein's Bio: Real Housewives Of New York 

Her lifelong dream was to be a part of a reality show. It came true when she became a part of the reality show The Real Housewives Of New York in 2016. She only appeared in season eight of the show amidst her divorce drama. She was the only married woman in the eight season.

Her friend, fellow RHONY star Dorinda Medley, helped her be a cast member of the series. 

2. Her Family & Age

She was born in 1981 and celebrates her birthday on 13th February every year. The television personality was born in Hong Kong, China. According to wiki sites, her mother is Japanese while her father is Jewish.

Prior to being famous, she worked as an event planner for the Women’s International Zionist Organization, which raises money for schools and senior women in Israel.

3. Meet Her Estranged Businessman Husband Michael Wainstein

Jules Wainstein married Michael Wainstein, a successful businessman who is the founder of the profitable investing company, Private Capital Group, a private equity firm with worth over $648.7 million.

She tied the knot With Micheal in 2008 at the age of 27. She was happy to marry someone who was a devoted person who was a successful businessperson, husband, father and a New York fixture.

Rome-ing in Rome: Jules and Michael capture romantic photo on the streets of Rome in 2015 (

The former couple has two children, a boy and a girl named Jagger, 7, and Rio, 5. They reportedly owned houses in New York, Water Mill, and Miami.

3. Her Husband's Affair Led To Divorce

The peaceful and lovable relationship took a dark turn when Jules caught Michael having an alleged affair with her friend. The relationship turned into an estranged one, and Michael filed for divorce on June 15, 2016.

 A series of allegations arose during those court sessions where one of them included physical assaults and abuse. She also accused Michael of being self-centered and fulfilling his needs and ignoring his children’s needs.

TV Reveal : Jules confronts Michael about alleged affair

TV Reveal: Jules confronts Michael about alleged affair in an episode in Real Housewives Of New York (bigbrotherglobal.blogspot)

During the couples’ first hearing at the court, the judge allocated temporary support for Jules asking him to pay $10,000 per months.

In June 2017, Michael, who was once estimated to have $25 million net worth, reportedly failed to pay $135,000 required for child support, rent and other expenses to Jules, which resulted in him serving some jail time. They even failed to pay taxes for a Hamptons home they didn't own and renovated.

The businessman alleged that Jules lavish lifestyle had him bankrupt and she was to blame for all of the mess. During their time together, they enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle by traveling pretty much all the time, hosting different kinds of parties, and going out for dinner with family and so on.

Micheal's attorney back then also claimed that his client didn't earn a hefty amount noted in Tabloids, let alone being the owner of numerous assets.   

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4. Jules Wainstein's Net Worth Post Divorce

Currently, Jules is focused on earning money from her latest money-making venture which is a product called Modern Alkeme, an ancient Japanese recipe cleansing tonic. With the company slowly establishing in the market, her net worth is sure to get a boost in a few years time. The jobs she did earlier in her past as buyers and event planners had raked her up to $50,000 per year.

Not just that, her net worth was boosted by the court's ruling of alimony money as child support.

The total net worth is yet to be disclosed, but it seems that she continues living like a queen, even after the divorce.