American television personality Joey Greco was once a married man in the 90s. But is that enough to falsify the gay rumors? Well, keep reading to find out!  

The Long Island native is best known as the host of the reality TV show Cheaters, where disgruntled lovers catch their partner straight in the act of cheating. He has also appeared in a series of films like Nightcrawlers (2009), The Bottom Line- Tony (2003).


The Show: Joey Greco hosting an episode of Netflix Cheaters (Photo:

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The TV host, who was once a famous personality, is now uninvolved in his career and lives a quiet private life. 

Joey Greco Bio: Age, Parents, Education

Joey Greco was born on 29 February 1972 in Long Island as Joel Stephen Greco. Joey has remained very private about his family and relationships, little to no information has been revealed about his parents. It is only known that he grew up in his birthplace Long Island.

Greco attended the Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri to graduate in Psychology. He later received his degree in Counselling from Louisiana Tech University.

Joey Greco Career & Net Worth

In his recent years after graduation, Greco worked as a counselor. In the course of time, he changed his jobs repetitively, from a fitness trainer to a real estate manager.

He has also revealed that he had even once worked as a bartender at a seafood restaurant. Later, he worked in an ESPN fitness show named Fitness Pros.

The Long Island native’s big break came after he replaced Tommy Habeeb as the host of TV show Cheaters. He worked as the host of the show from 2002 to 2012.

Alongside this, he also starred in a TV show named Ghostbreakers and has also acted in a number of films donning small roles.

With his endeavors, he has amassed a net worth of $2 million, which is quite a hefty sum to have.

Joey Got Stabbed In An Episode Of Cheaters

In 2003, Joey Greco was stabbed by a cheating boyfriend after Cheaters crew boarded the boat he was in. Joey had done this as a part of his show, exposing infidelities of the partner with his girlfriend.

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However, on 3 November, it was revealed by the news magazine program Inside Edition that the whole incident was staged. Joey, however, resisted allegations on the show made by investigative reporter Matt Meagher.

The Stab: The episode of Cheaters that gained wide attention, raising questions if it was all staged (Published on 1 Feb 2018)

In the thirteenth season of Cheaters, Joey was replaced by the grandson of American actor Clark Gable, Clark Gable III.

Joey's Allegations On Being Gay, Has Girlfriend?

For a person who is not public about his relationship with other women partners, it is normal to be rumored as gay, and the same happened to Joey.

He was not public about his relationship and was always seen on TV as a soft kind of person with well-maintained sideburns. All of this laid speculations of him being gay.

The rumors did not break, but it was a mere blast when it came out that he was previously married to a woman named Eanna in 1995. As for the answers, it is not clear when he was married or if he was married at all.

Besides this, speculations about him being gay still surface time and again, but it would be hard to call him so because Joey himself has not commented anything on that aspect of his life.

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For the time being, it seems Joey is single. But for the man he is and his glamorous looks, it can only be accepted that his no-girlfriend status will soon change.