A Twitter user posted a revealing snap in December 2019, asking attorney Jenna Ellis' then-husband David Rives, who is a Christain television host, podcaster, and Creationism preacher, to clarify his side of the story in their alleged separation. 

The attached picture showed a lengthy post by a user named Jenna Rives, who via the texts blamed her husband "David Rives" for ignoring church authority and accountability in marriage. 

Jenna Ellis Married David Rives in 2019

Post-2020, Jenna Ellis has kept her personal life out of the public eye. In 2019, fans were used to see social media posts from her that were dedicated to her husband. Now, it's not the case anymore.

The first piece of information that might have publicly verified Ellis’s relationship with David Rives came from a tweet dated April 29, 2019, where Southwest Airlines congratulate the couple on their engagement.

In the tweet, the Airlines revealed their intention to welcome them aboard again on their honeymoon, possibly hinting at their marriage somewhere down the line.

By June of that same year, the Ellis and Rives officially tied the knot on June 24, 2019, as per the Facebook post from Judy Nelon.

Jenna Ellis with her former husband David Rives

Jenna Ellis (right), with her former husband, David Rives (middle), poses for a picture on their marriage day on June 24, 2019. (Photo: Facebook)

Later, on June 25, 2019, Ellis shared a Facebook video by Rives' work on Creationism and acknowledged him as her husband in the Facebook post's caption.

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A Twitter Post Alleges that Her Husband Separated From Her in August 2019

On December 31, 2019, a Twitter user named Shine The Light posted a screenshot of a Facebook post allegedly from Ellis.

In the Facebook post, the user "Jenna Rives" explains her situation surrounding her the-then husband and their separation. 

In the first paragraph of the post, she explained the difficulties that David was going through and claimed that he rejected the help of religious authorities and abandoned his marital responsibilities with her.

As you know, my husband David Rives chose to Separate in August. He refuses all church authority, accountability, or biblical counseling for some very critical issues...

In the post, we could also see that her Facebook name was still Jenna Rives and not Jenna Ellis, which may suggest that she was still married to him and hadn't legally separated at the time.

Further elaborating on the aforementioned post, the user by the name "Jenna Rives" mentioned that David had been under a “Matthew 18 process” from a Christian ministry for over five months at the time.

She also briefly highlighted her reasons for sharing the post stating that, “ it is time to walk in truth openly and that the body of Christ should encourage my husband toward truth and God, especially because he claims to be in ministry leadership and is ignoring his Christian duty in many respects.”

That line suggested that she had problems with Rives because he was not a true Christian and did not uphold his duties to the religion he was affiliated to.

In the same Facebook post, "Jenna Rives" clarified that she was still hoping for her husband’s betterment even though she had separated from him. She asked for people to pray for him and their relationship and make him choose his marriage before anything else.

...Please pray, as this is very difficult for all of us involved who are praying for him to choose to listen to wise counsel and biblical Truth. Please pray for wisdom for those who are trying to help him and live him. Please pray for him to choose God and his marriage over anything else...

Further, she said that she made the post because she was concerned about her marriage.

...David is living in rebellion against the church and against his marriage and it is with advice of my own counsel that I post asking in desperation for prayer for David because he refuses to reconcile our marriage and come out of the sin he is living in. I post out of love and concern for our marriage...

Then, addressing the comments that were taking sides on their marital issue, she said that there were no sides to be taken on this.

...This post is not meant to arbitrate your thoughts on my marriage or ask you to take sides or even form an opinion. There is no “side.” Let me be clear — I am on David’s side and the side of God and reconciliation. I post this asking only for prayer and for encouragement to David. I did not ask for judgment or condemnation of him...

(Editor's Note: The Facebook post couldn't be traced back. Jenna Ellis Hasn't Commented About The Post Or Her Alleged Separation. Thus, Hollywoodmask is just reporting as per its research and asks the audience to interpret the information and fact check independently since it is not hard for anyone to be misled with false information in this day and age.)

David Rives says Jenna Ellis Has Blocked Him on Twitter

Replying to a tweet reply from a user in August 2020, David Rives said, " Yes, apparently so private that she blocked me months ago. If you know any juicy info, be sure to DM me."

The context of the conversation was probably the way Jenna Elis had led a private personal life.